Preschool at Home: What do I do?

This post is the last one in my series on preschool. You can check out the rest of the articles below. Is Preschool the Best Option for My Child? Important Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Preschool Curriculum Help! What should I teach my preschooler? So you  have decided to keep your child at home with you for preschool. That's great! But what does preschool at home look like? What do you actually do? Here ares some suggestions. Things to focus on. The most important thing to … [Read more...]

Help! What should I teach my preschooler?

There are many benefits to keeping your child home during the preschool years but what should you teach your preschooler while she is at home with you? Today I want to look at some basic skills that most children have before starting kindergarten as well as encourage you with a bit of wisdom I've learned over the years. What should I teach my preschooler? Below is a list of basic skills and concepts most preschoolers know before starting kindergarten. All of these skills can be developed … [Read more...]

Important Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Preschool Curriculum

Are you thinking about homeschooling your child? The preschool years are a great place to start! Before you start researching preschool curriculum or searching out preschool co-ops stop and ask yourself these two questions: 1. What is my philosophy on early education? 2. Where is my child developmentally? If you are anything like the many moms I have talked to over the years, then you probably have mixed emotions about keeping your preschooler at home with you. You might have already spent … [Read more...]

Is Preschool the Best Option for My Child?

As a parent, you want what is best for your child but sometimes figuring it out can be difficult. Deciding what to do for preschool is one of those challenging decisions. Some moms want a little break from the demands of motherhood, other moms are eager to jump start their child's academics while others desire more social opportunities for their child. Many moms feel pressured by family or friends who insist that sending a child to preschool is the best thing to do. Is preschool the best … [Read more...]

Writing Truth Back Into Biology {Apologia Biology Review}

One thing I love about high school curriculum for homeschoolers is that most of them have been created for independent work by the student. That makes it easier on the homeschool parent but a little challenging to review without the high school student's input. {This post contains affiliate links.} My oldest is graduating from high school this year so I asked for her input on her favorite high school curriculum. Today we are looking at Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology … [Read more...]

The Best Books for Girls

My girls love to read books, although it wasn't always that way. It took time to discover just the right book to spark their love of reading and then a lot of effort to find great books to keep their love of reading alive. Here is our family's list of the best books for girls. I tried to list them in order of difficulty from the beginner reader books to the more challenging books at the end. What books do the girls in your life enjoy? {This post contains affiliate links.} Circle C … [Read more...]

What To Do When You and Your Spouse Disagree About Homeschooling

It's a difficult situation to be in. You want to homeschool your children and your spouse believes it is best to send them to a traditional school. What do you do? Pray Prayer is the best weapon you have when disagreements enter into your marriage. It's easy to pray for your spouse's opinion to change but an even better prayer is for unity in your marriage as you make decisions for your family. Pray that the Lord's will would be done and that you and your spouse would come to a peaceful … [Read more...]

Institute for Excellence in Writing: Encouraging Even the Most Reluctant Writer

My Family's Experience with IEW My oldest daughter is a natural writer so my failure to incorporate writing instruction in her homeschool years didn't hinder her from searching out people who could help her develop her natural gift and love for writing. My other children are not as gifted when it comes to writing though. After years of frustration and tears caused by writing programs that didn't deliver any real success, I decided to give the Institute for Excellence in Writing a try. I had … [Read more...]

Curious Kids: Is it a sin to worry?

A Child's Question God has gifted one of my children with a tender heart towards others. She is genuinely concerned about their welfare and desires to see everyone succeed. Her struggle arises when fear turns her sincere concern into worry. A sister with a tummy ache recently turned her concern for the well-being of her sibling into worry. She fought back tears and tossed and turned in her bed that night, worried that her sister would wake up with the flu, or worse, she would catch the illness … [Read more...]

Helping Your Homeschool Child Deal with Sibling Distractions

A few days ago I shared (on Facebook) the picture below of my daughter doing her math work with her little brother on her lap. He was happily coloring all over her worksheet while she tried to stay focused on the work in front of her. While she enjoyed snuggling with him during school time she also struggles with sibling distractions that slow her down and make it difficult to focus. A Facebook follower asked if my older kids ever struggle with staying focused with all the little sibling … [Read more...]