Mystery of History II Lesson Planner

the mystery of history lesson planner

This year we are trying out a new history curriculum. After hearing great things about The Mystery of History, I decided to give it a try. I wanted to incorporate The Story of the World (SOTW) since I had several volumes already. I created a lesson planner for The Mystery of History Volume II to help me stay organized this year. It includes a column for coordinating chapters in SOTW along with a blank space for notes on which activities I want to do with the kids. I also included a section to … [Read more...]

Phonogram Progress Charts {FREE}

phonogram progress charts

I've got phonics on my brain these days! I just finished watching an insightful DVD on language and the Spell to Write and Read program called Hidden Secrets to Language Success. While the audio and video might not be stellar, the information presented in this DVD set is excellent. You can watch a clip here or purchase it here. I have also been busy looking through curriculum and preparing for the coming school year. Right now I am absorbed in phonics, spelling and reading preparation. This … [Read more...]


preparing for homeschooling

I haven't been very consistent with blogging these days. God has a way of reminding me of His priorities for my life and blogging and speaking aren't on the top of that list. I love sharing with other women about homeschooling and motherhood through blogging and speaking but right now I need to focus on homeschooling my own kids, caring for my home, loving my husband and having fun with my kids! As the Lord allows time I hope to pop in to this blog to offer up encouragement or practical advice … [Read more...]

Multi-Sensory Phonics

multi-sensory phonics

When two (or more) senses are being used in the acquisition of knowledge more connections in the brain are developed to help aid in learning and retaining information. No wonder so many phonics programs claim to provide multi-sensory instruction. But are programs with cut-and paste activities and letter tiles truly offering the full neurological benefits of the mulit-sensory approach? While cutting and pasting and moving around tiles can be a great supplement to phonics instruction, these … [Read more...]

How to Homeschool in CA {FREE Lessons to Your Email Box}

how to homeschool in CA, FREE lessons to your email box

This post is for all of you who homeschool in California. Christian Home Educators of California (CHEA) offers a series of homeschool lessons that are delivered right to your email box each week for FREE! Lessons include the following: Emergency Start-up Pros & Cons of Homeschooling Withdrawing from School Filing a Private School Affidavit Homeschool Programs Setting Up School Record keeping- Pt. 1 (Required Records) Record keeping-Pt 2 (Other … [Read more...]

Little Hearts For His Glory: Why I Liked It But Didn’t Use It

Little Hearts For His Glory, why I liked it but didn't use it

This school year was the first time I had ever purchased a curriculum for kindergarten other than the phonics and math programs I have always used. I was hoping to find something that my active son would enjoy doing that would make school time more fun than just learning to read and do math. I got pretty excited when I came across the Little Hearts For His Glory curriculum. It provided simple daily lesson plans divided into 9 different categories that could be done throughout the day as … [Read more...]

What About Socialization?

What about socialization Answering homeschool questions

No loving parent wants their child to be socially awkward so how does a child learn socialization skills when they are being homeschooled? First, lets start with a definition. What is socialization? For many people the term socialization brings to mind children playing together on a school playground or teens hanging out at a football game. Is this an accurate picture of socialization though? Socialization can be defined as "the process by which a human being beginning at infancy acquires … [Read more...]

Getting Started in Homeschooling

how to start homeschooling

Homeschooling can seem overwhelming, especially for those of us who grew up in a traditional school setting (whether it was public or private school). ┬áIf you are venturing out into the unknown world of homeschooling then this post should be helpful to you! Let's take a look at what you need to do to get started in homeschooling. This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this blog, at no additional cost to you, by using these links. Know why you are … [Read more...]

Knowing God Through His Word

knowing God through His Word

A few weeks ago I shared how weary I had become as a mother and how living in light of my righteousness in Christ had freed me from guilt, pride and the ever increasing weight of trying to be the perfect mom. (Click here to read that post.) I mentioned that I had to go to God's Word on a regular basis to learn more about who God is and what He has done for me. However, knowing God through His Word hasn't always been easy for me. It takes effort to uncover the treasures found throughout … [Read more...]

Free Preschool Resources

free preschool resources

If you're thinking about homeschooling, the preschool years are a great place to start! Here is a list of free resources that might be helpful for your family. Preschool Membership to HSLDA Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) offers a free preschool membership to parents or legal guardians whose oldest child is under age 5. You might be wondering why membership to a legal defense group would be helpful in the preschool years but HSLDA offers more than just legal advice. Here are a … [Read more...]