Homeschooling? No Wall Space…No Problem!

creative solutions to no wall space

My family does a lot of our homeschool work in the dining room which opens up to the rest of the living areas. This means that the dinning room only has two walls, one with a window and one lined with bookshelves. This doesn't leave any wall space for displaying posters or hanging a white board so I had to get creative! This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this blog, at no additional cost to you, by using these affiliate links. I purchased a large piece of shower … [Read more...]

For the Weary Christian Mother

weary Christian mother

For years I tried to be a good Christian woman. I read books and blogs that informed me on how I should act and how I should run my home. I was tired. I was filled with regret over the mistakes I made yesterday and the day before. I was weighted down by my long Christian to-do list. I was weary. And I wondered how that verse in the Bible could be true. The one that says that God's yoke is easy because it didn't feel easy. I knew that the Christian life was not suppose to be a piece of cake. … [Read more...]

4 Common Mistakes When Teaching a Child to Read

4 mistakes when teaching reading

Today I want to share four common mistakes that teachers and parents often make when teaching a child to read. Mistake #1: Teaching the names of the letters first. When we read a word we do not need to know the name of the letter but rather the sounds that the letter makes. Take the word "cab" as an example. If a child learned the names of the letters first, he would read the word "cab" as "See, A, Bee". Here we can see that the knowledge of letter names is not useful for learning to read. … [Read more...]

The Child’s Story Bible

childs story bible

The Child's Story Bible by Catherine F. Vos is my absolute favorite Bible storybook for kids. It is geared toward children 6 years old on up to adults, although my children as young as 3 years old have enjoyed listening to the stories alongside their siblings. This is not a picture book, although there are a few pictures scattered throughout the 382 page book. Instead, children are allowed to use their imaginations as they listen to Bible stories from both the Old and New Testament. I really … [Read more...]

When Your Child’s Personality Annoys You

when your child's personality annoys you

Raising children is not easy and it can often be a continual lesson in patience for us parents. That's why I love what Jen Wilkin shared on her blog several months ago. It is a much needed reminder to me to be cultivating my children's personalities instead of eradicating the annoying behavior. Read her post below. Written by Jen Wilkin on her blog The Beginning of Wisdom. Read the original article here. God gifts our children with unique personalities. Sometimes we love the way emerging … [Read more...]

When do you find the time to plan lessons?

when do you find the time to plan lessons

It's been a long time since I have answered some of your homeschool questions! Today I wanted to talk about lesson planning. One of you asked me, "When do you find the time to plan lessons?" The quick answer is that you can do as much or as little lesson planning as you want. Different curriculum requires different amounts of teacher preparation. If you enjoy lesson planning or even creating your own lessons from scratch then go for it! Just know that you will be investing a lot of time in … [Read more...]

My Student Logbook

Student Logbook Review

About two years ago I found myself overwhelmed with homeschooling. It was becoming difficult to keep everyone on track and I had a steady stream of questions about what subject they should do next or how long they should work on an assignment. I contemplated using the workbox system but the amount of space those storage boxes take up (not to mention the cost of them) kept me looking for another option. Then I discovered My Student Logbook created by Corina, a busy homeschooling mom of nine! … [Read more...]

Santa Claus


Every year in December Christmas fills our lives with bright lights, beautifully wrapped presents, hot chocolate and baked goodies, caroling and the gathering of family and friends. For those of us who are Christians, Christmas also means celebrating the birth of our Savior and rejoicing in God's gift of eternal life. But what should we do with Santa Claus? There are those who think Santa is a harmless fairy tale that brings excitement to the Christmas celebrations. Others incorporate the fun … [Read more...]

Christmas Books

Christmas Books 2

Thanksgiving has come and gone which means it's time to pull out the Christmas decorations and our family's  favorite Christmas books. There's just something special about snuggling with a child on the couch and reading a book while being surrounded by Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree weighted down with lights and ornaments. Here are some of our favorite books to read during Christmas time.  And since I am hoping to add to our collection this year, I'd be delighted to hear … [Read more...]

Saving My Sanity {Homeschool Tips}

saving my sanity homeschool tips from a mom of six

Homeschooling can drive a mama crazy sometimes! Believe me when I say that I have had my moments of wanting to give up. (You can read about one of those times here.) Thankfully the Lord has encouraged me along the way and even directed me to find some creative ways to stay sane while homeschooling my crew. Here are 5 sanity saving homeschool tips that have been working for me this year: 1. Letting go of the idea that I have to homeschool everyone together at the same time. I wrote more … [Read more...]