Large Family Homeschool Schedule

homeschool schedule

How does a mom of many teach all her kids all those subjects while juggling a toddler? With a good schedule! At least, that's how I manage! There were several things I had to consider when creating our current schedule. Making sure someone was playing with the toddler at all times. (He can get into trouble fast!) Having older children do review work with younger siblings. (That leaves me more time to focus on teaching new concepts.) Finding ways to incorporate several (or all) of the … [Read more...]

Homeschool Curriculum 2015-2016

homeschool curriculum 2015-2016

We are in our 13th week of homeschooling this year and I'm finally getting around to posting our curriculum list. Better late than never....right? Here is the curriculum I'm using this year with my elementary age kids. So far we are enjoying all of it! {This post contains affiliate links.} 5th Grade Spelling: Spell to Write and Read (Read my review!) Grammar: Fix It! Grammar: Robin Hood Writing: Student Writing Intensive Level A Literature: Various grade level novels plus … [Read more...]

It’s a BOY!

it's a boy and other news

Yes, I'm pregnant! I'm about 19 weeks along....almost half way there! We found out last week that we are having a boy which makes the bedroom situation easier. Three girls in one room, three boys in another and the oldest child (a teen, soon-to-be adult) in the office that we made into another bedroom. I have been trying to homeschool five kids and chase a toddler while battling pregnancy nausea and headaches for the first 17 weeks of this pregnancy. I am thankful for patient children, an … [Read more...]

Reformation Day Activities

Tons of Reformation Day Activities

Did you know that on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses (or concerns) regarding the practices in the Catholic Church to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany? His actions sparked the Protestant Reformation! {This post contains affiliate links.} If you would like to know more about Martin Luther you can read Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World by Paul L. Maier or read more about him online here and here. If you want to know more about the … [Read more...]

Mystery of History II Lesson Planner

the mystery of history lesson planner

This year we are trying out a new history curriculum. After hearing great things about The Mystery of History, I decided to give it a try. I wanted to incorporate The Story of the World (SOTW) since I had several volumes already. I created a lesson planner for The Mystery of History Volume II to help me stay organized this year. It includes a column for coordinating chapters in SOTW along with a blank space for notes on which activities I want to do with the kids. I also included a section to … [Read more...]

Phonogram Progress Charts {FREE}

phonogram progress charts

I've got phonics on my brain these days! I just finished watching an insightful DVD on language and the Spell to Write and Read program called Hidden Secrets to Language Success. While the audio and video might not be stellar, the information presented in this DVD set is excellent. You can watch a clip here or purchase it here. I have also been busy looking through curriculum and preparing for the coming school year. Right now I am absorbed in phonics, spelling and reading preparation. This … [Read more...]


preparing for homeschooling

I haven't been very consistent with blogging these days. God has a way of reminding me of His priorities for my life and blogging and speaking aren't on the top of that list. I love sharing with other women about homeschooling and motherhood through blogging and speaking but right now I need to focus on homeschooling my own kids, caring for my home, loving my husband and having fun with my kids! As the Lord allows time I hope to pop in to this blog to offer up encouragement or practical advice … [Read more...]

Multi-Sensory Phonics

multi-sensory phonics

When two (or more) senses are being used in the acquisition of knowledge more connections in the brain are developed to help aid in learning and retaining information. No wonder so many phonics programs claim to provide multi-sensory instruction. But are programs with cut-and paste activities and letter tiles truly offering the full neurological benefits of the mulit-sensory approach? While cutting and pasting and moving around tiles can be a great supplement to phonics instruction, these … [Read more...]

How to Homeschool in CA {FREE Lessons to Your Email Box}

how to homeschool in CA, FREE lessons to your email box

This post is for all of you who homeschool in California. Christian Home Educators of California (CHEA) offers a series of homeschool lessons that are delivered right to your email box each week for FREE! Lessons include the following: Emergency Start-up Pros & Cons of Homeschooling Withdrawing from School Filing a Private School Affidavit Homeschool Programs Setting Up School Record keeping- Pt. 1 (Required Records) Record keeping-Pt 2 (Other … [Read more...]

Little Hearts For His Glory: Why I Liked It But Didn’t Use It

Little Hearts For His Glory, why I liked it but didn't use it

This school year was the first time I had ever purchased a curriculum for kindergarten other than the phonics and math programs I have always used. I was hoping to find something that my active son would enjoy doing that would make school time more fun than just learning to read and do math. I got pretty excited when I came across the Little Hearts For His Glory curriculum. It provided simple daily lesson plans divided into 9 different categories that could be done throughout the day as … [Read more...]