Button Sorting

I usually like to teach the concept of sorting to my younger children with real life, hands-on, very helpful tasks like sorting the laundry and sorting silverware as it comes out of the dishwasher. I also lean more towards sorting leaves and rocks outside than making structured sorting activities to do in doors for school. But sometimes I need activities to keep the little ones busy while I school the older kids and often times the little ones are begging for “real” school work to do so I created this little sorting activity.

Just  make two circles on card stock, gather up old buttons and let your kids find different ways to sort the  buttons!


We sort ours by color (white and black), by size (big and little) and by number of button holes (two-button holes and four-button holes).

Don’t have a large supply of buttons? No worries! You can use just about anything to sort! My son prefers sorting legos.


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