Good News! There is No Perfect Parent

Good News!There is No Perfect Parent

Have you ever felt like you had one aspect of parenting figured out? Maybe you felt like you had the best technique for potty training or the ideal way to deal with a defiant teenager. Perhaps you thought you had the best solution for a picky eater or the most effective way to discipline a child throwing a tantrum.

I know I have. After having 2 well behaved, eager to please girls I thought I had this parenting thing figured out. And more than that, I thought I had it figured out enough to offer up parenting advice to any and everyone who asked (or even hinted at having a parenting dilemma).

I assumed that the more children I had the better I would get at parenting and the better I’d be at helping all those “clueless” parents who were in need of some wisdom from me! It seems foolish to even say it, but that is the way I felt. I thought I was pretty close to being the perfect parent…..until baby #3 came along.

It seems that I was wrong.

I’m not a perfect parent.

The more kids I have the more humbled I become. I know nothing and Christ knows everything.

I started to realize that this parenting thing wasn’t about figuring out the parenting rules and then sticking with them for every single child.

Rather, parenting is about being wholly dependent on Christ and realizing that every child, every parent, and every family is unique.

If you want to know what you should do with your child, go to God. Getting advice and opinions from others is always helpful, but ultimately it is the Creator of the child you are raising that has the best wisdom to offer.

So for anyone out there who has ever felt like I was judging their parenting…. I’m sorry. There are no perfect parents, only a perfect Savior. I’m so glad I finally figured that out, even if it took me a lot of children and a huge dose of humility to do it!

But may it never be that I would boast, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ… Galatians 6:14a


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