What Kids Like About Being Homeschooled

what kids like about being homeschooled

I love homeschooling my children. It isn’t the easiest thing to do but the rewards far exceed the difficulties (most days). While my husband and I know what we like about homeschooling, I thought it might be interesting to find out what our kids enjoy about it. Here is what they had to say.

15 year old: I like how I can put my faith into everything. Your away from the negative influences that occur in the public school. You  are growing up with your family and other believers in your homeschool support group. You get to grow in your faith a lot more with homeschooling because everything is saturated with God’s Word. You get to pick your own curriculum so you aren’t a square peg forced into a round hole. I get to go at my own pace. Not a lot of academic pressure.

8 year old: I don’t have a cruel teacher. You don’t have to do school the whole day. I like reading the history stories with my family. I like reading the Little House on the Prairie book series with my mom and sister.

6 year old: We don’t learn lies.  I get to sleep in when I am tired. I get to be with my mommy. I get more play time than other kids who go to school.

4 year old: Eating chocolate chips. Throwing bean bags. I like that my sisters are home to play with me so I don’t have to be alone.

2 year old: Drawing on the white board.

Do you homeschool? What do you like about homeschooling? What do your kids like about it?


  1. Maritza says:

    I asked my daughter what she likes about being homeschooled and she said “I like being able to do fun projects like watching the cycle of ladybugs, I like sleeping in, I like taking snack breaks, being at home with my brothers and sister and mama, and reading in my reading corner.” Alyssa 6 yrs.

    One thing she said she doesn’t like is when the baby cries it is hard to focus.

    • I didn’t ask my kids what they don’t like but I’m pretty certain they would have said the same thing…. it can be hard to focus when the little ones are extra noisy! Love that she likes being home with siblings and mama!

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