Lies Young Women Believe {Book Review}

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Growing up I believed a lot of lies about God, about who I was and about what the Christian life was really about. It was the lies that I embraced as truth that led me down the destructive road that I traveled. Feelings of self-hatred, hopelessness and anger towards Gods as well as confusion about what Christianity was really about fueled my destructive behavior that led to an unwed pregnancy and an eating disorder.

I wish someone would have exposed those lies to me as a struggling teenager. I can only pray that for the countless teens that are wrestling with the lies that fill their hearts and minds, that somehow God’s truth would break through and that the lies would be exposed. I pray that my own daughters will embrace truth and walk in freedom as they mature through their teen years.

And that is why I was so excited when my teenage daughter discovered the amazing book, Lies Young Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Dannah Gresh. What a joy to hear my daughter share with me the lies this book exposes and the truth that she is now embracing. I encourage anyone who has a teenage girl in their life to purchase this book for her. Better yet, buy the book and the companion guide and read through the book together!

Lies Young Women Believe addresses nine themes including Lies about God, Lies about Satan, Lies about Myself, Lies about Guys, Lies about Relationships, Lies about My Faith, Lies about Sin, Lies about Media and Lies about the Future. The last three chapters of the book deal with “How to Stop Fueling the Lies”, “How to Find Freedom from the Lies” and “The Truth that Sets Us Free”.

Our teenage girls are bombarded with lies from every direction. This book is a great resource to help teens recognize those lies, find freedom from them and then walk in the truth of God’s Word.


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