Kids and Good Grades

It’s time for another school year to start and that means, for many children, that the stresses of academic pressure will be weighing on them soon. Here is a little reminder for us parents…

kids and good grades

Kids today are weighed down by the expectation of good grades. They often strive to please us (as parents) and make us proud of their educational accomplishments. Our kids are being led to believe that their future, their self-worth and their hope is in academics and the weight of it is crushing them.

We, as parents, need to let go of our lofty academic standards and share with our kids the only thing that will truly make their life worth living- Jesus Christ.

Jesus needs to be our children’s hope. He needs to be their only source of self-worth. And our children’s futures will be far better if they know and love Jesus Christ!

Today, let’s talk with our children more about Jesus than what grades they are getting in school. Let us try to remember that when our child’s life is surrendered to the Lord amazing things will be accomplished (for God’s ¬†glory) even if that child got poor grades.

Are your kids suffering under the weight of academic pressure?

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