What NOT To Do When You Have A Son

As my second son grows inside my womb, I am remembering all the adventures, excitement, energy and abundant joy that my first son has brought to my life. Here is a post I wrote over 3 years ago on my old blog that sums up so well what life is like with a little boy. Gotta love our boys!

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Here is a list of things you should NOT do when you have an almost 2 year old boy at home…..

  1. Do NOT turn around even for a second because you might find that your son has pulled a knife from the dishwasher and is aiming it at his big sister.
  2. Do NOT leave a floor fan running in one room and a bag of pretzels in another room. Your son just might grab a handful of pretzels, walk into the other room and throw them into the fan creating sparks.
  3. Do NOT leave a floor fan running at all because your son might be tempted to stick his little fingers in the fan causing a horrible grinding noise. (And for those who are concerned, he is okay, just got his fingers pinched.)
  4.  Do NOT leave any bunk bed ladders attached to the bunk beds because your son might climb the ladder, hang his body over the railing and then holler for you as he dangles over the edge. (And yes, we now remove the ladders each morning.)
  5. Do NOT have any bottles in the house that are not child proofed even if you store them on the top shelf of your kitchen cabinets. Your son might push a kitchen chair up to the cupboard, climb the rungs on the back of the chair and reach up high to knock the medicine bottle on the floor. This just might result in the pills being spilled all over the kitchen floor which then entices your son to climb down from his self-made ladder and consume a good portion of the pills. (And yes, I totally freaked out and called poison control! Thankfully, the doctor reassured me that the folic acid pills my son ate would not hurt him. Lesson learned!)
  6. Do NOT assume that having child proof outlet plugs in all your outlets will keep your cleaver boy from figuring out a way to pull them out. And do NOT assume that once the safety plug is out that you will have time to grab the stick-like object from his hand before he shoves it into the outlet. You might relax a little, knowing it was plastic and not metal but you will have to start working on teaching him the meaning of “no touch”.
  7. Do NOT let your son out of your sight for even a minute if your husband is using a 7 foot ladder to climb into the attic. If you do, you might find your son climbing the rungs of the ladder calling for his daddy.
  8. Do NOT think that a dead bolt on your front door (which is higher than your son can reach) will keep him safely inside your house. He might just stack up a pile of toys, climb the toys, unlock the dead bolt, climb back down, push the toys aside and let himself out of the house where you just might find him making a dash for the street. You might want to consider getting a chain latch for your front door.
  9. Do NOT store a yard stick in your house where your son can find it because he might use it as a ramming stick to ram his sisters or as a bat to hit your walls with.Evan dishwasher
  10. Do NOT forget to laugh at all the things your son does because, while he does use his creativity to get into mischief, he is your son, and you love him and you find his antics quite charming and humorous at times.
  11. Do NOT forget to go outside and play with your son. Kick the ball around. Push him in the swing. Chase him around the yard. And just laugh and play together.
  12. Do NOT forget to hold your son, sing to your son, kiss your son and pray over your son. He will only be “almost” 2 years old for a very short time.
  13. Do NOT forget to thank God every day for your son because he truly is a precious gift from God!



  1. Loved reading this again! This is my daily x 3 with a little help from their sister. Today, I’m thankful for all the laughter their mischievous antics have provided! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. This made me laugh and brought back memories of my son at that age, who did attempt many of the same things (and a bunch others). Despite being very vigilant and having a small home where he was never more than a few feet away from me as I worked, I think I called poison control six or seven times. I was amazed at how he would find things I had never even considered and just how quick he was to get into mischief! But it doesn’t last forever…. they do grow up, and I actually miss those days.

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