A Better Mom

I am a better mom because of Christ.

Now, I’m not saying that I am a better mom than a non-Christian mother.  What I am saying is that having Christ working in me makes me a better mom than I would have been without Him. With Christ I am more patient, less selfish and filled with joy in all circumstances. Without Christ I am quick to anger, slow in serving others and usually easily irritated.

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But just being a Christian is not what it takes for me to be a better mom. Striving to grow in holiness and becoming more and more like Christ, with the help of the Holy Spirit, is what makes me a better mom. Christ working in me and through me helps me to be a better mom. I will never be a perfect mother but that shouldn’t keep me from desiring to grow and mature in my role as a mom.

I also can never become all my kids need (that is a role only God Himself can fulfill) but I can be used by God to meet more of my children’s needs if I am growing in my faith  rather than neglecting to grow in my walk with the Lord at all.

Yes, I am a sinner. Yes, I mess up. But that should not give me an excuse to brush aside my weaknesses. Rather, I should dwell on the fact that as a sinner I am saved by Christ. I am messed up but God is making me new again. And though I have weaknesses, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I can become stronger. That is the power of Christ in me – being forgiven, made new and transformed into the image of Christ.

So, for me, I will recognize my failures but instead of dwelling on them and feeling guilty for them, I will turn to Christ and ask Him to help me to become a better mom tomorrow than I was today… in HIS power.


  1. Oh I love this. I’ve been a Christian since I was 7, but can sadly honestly say I didn’t know Christ until maybe 10 years ago. Since then I’ve noticed a vast difference in my parenting. I am calmer, stronger, more rational. I still sin and will unfortunately continue to do so, however because HE has forgiven me and taught me how to forgive I can do the same for our children.

  2. Hi Janelle,
    I wrote earlier and the middle was left out somehow. I just want to agree that letting Christ transform us and allowing Him to make us in His image allows for the perfect understanding in parenting and all relationships. I just wanted to also add that there are times when I’ve gotten holiness and righteousness confused thinking they are one and the same. Whereas, holiness is where God conforms us to His image as we behold Him everyday, and our righteousness as Christians was blood bought through Jesus and never changes, a free gift. For me, I have to check myself when I get too introspective because that usually means I am not walking in His gift of righteousness, but trying to earn it myself. But, I think what you’ve been saying is, that allowing Jesus to work through you and just having the Holy Spirit to guide you makes a huge difference in parenting.

    • Wanted to add to my own comment to make it more understandable. What I’ve recently learned is that our identity in Christ affects all we do, because what we think we are is how we will act. So, following that, holiness is a fruit of understanding the righteousness we have in Christ. Once we understand our identity is in Christ, we won’t try so hard to be better, but we will rest in Jesus’ finished work, and let God’s Spirit make us more like Christ effortlessly. Holiness or how we act, is all about letting God transform us rather than our effort. So when I see the words “a better Mom” I have to say yes, you are a better Mom because of Christ, and though we cannot become more righteous unto salvation, the Holy Spirit continues to conform the way we act as we behold or focus on Jesus and stop trying to change ourselves. Love to you. :)

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