Tackling the Laundry with Little Ones

Little ones bring joy and craziness to life. It can be difficult to to get household chores done while chasing after toddlers and preschoolers. When my children were all little, I had to set aside one day to tackle the laundry.

How to tackle the laundry when you have little ones at home. Simple ideas for the busy mom that include having the little ones help.

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Now my older kids are mature enough to have their own jurisdictions. That means I handed off my laundry duties to my oldest daughter!

Here’s how I tackled the laundry when I had a bunch of little ones at home.

Laundry Day

Every Monday was laundry day. I needed to dedicate one day to laundry if it was going to get done. That doesn’t mean it got done perfectly. Dirty laundry still piled up. Clean laundry got left in the dryer for days and my husband often wore wrinkled clothes to work. I got a lot more accomplished, though, when I set aside one day to focus on laundry rather than waiting until we were out of clean clothes.

Sort the Night Before

The night before laundry day, I had the kids help me sort the dirty laundry. With about 10 loads of laundry to do in one day, I had to get an early start to get it all done. Having the laundry sorted the night before meant I could put a load in first thing in the morning.

Let the Kids Rotate Loads

I taught my kids how to rotate the laundry. They were able to pull the wet clothes out of the wash machine and load it into the dryer. Most of them were able to start the dryer as well. Then, they put another load of dirty clothes in the wash machine and let me know it was ready to be started.

Enlist the Kids in Folding

All my kids helped fold the clean laundry. Even my toddlers could sort clothes into piles. I could fold the piles more quickly if they were presorted. My young ones also made great sock and underwear sorters. They were better than me at recognizing which undergarments belonged to each person.

Laundry Tub Per Person

I purchased one dish tub for each member of my family and wrote their name on it. This made it easier to keep the clean clothes folded and sorted into different stacks. It also made it simple for my little ones to push their own tub into their room.

Let the Little Ones Put Theirs Away

I wanted my little ones to learn how to put their own clothes away. That meant that they needed to be able to reach inside the drawers and closets. I spend some time organizing their closets and drawers for easy access. When the laundry was all folded, they could push their tub into their room and put away their own clothes.

Of course, the clothes were usually crammed inside and all the work of folding them was lost. I had to learn to let go of perfection in this area. My kids were learning responsibility and I had one less thing to do. That was a win in my book.

So how do you tackle laundry in your home?


  1. I did a post on large family laundry that explains our system: http://grtlyblesd.blogspot.com/2013/11/large-family-living-part-2-laundry.html Just as long as I don’t get sick or go on vacation, it’s all good!

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  3. Laundry is something that has been on my mind a LOT lately! We added our 4th in October and I’m slowly learning to handle even more dirty clothes 🙂 We actually just started a specific laundry day and I’m tweaking the process so that I actually finish the laundry that day–ha! Featuring your post at Babies & Beyond this week!

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