Can I Afford to Homeschool?

Public school is free and private school can cost a fortune but what does it cost to homeschool? Today I answer the question “Can I afford to homeschool?”

Can I afford to homeschool Tips and resources for homeschooling on a budget

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Homeschooling cost what a parent is willing to pay or able to afford. Some families go for the brand-new curriculum with all the bells and whistles which can get pricey. Other families get creative, using the internet, their library card and used curriculum to piece together an excellent (and super cheap) learning experience for their child.

Here are some things to keep in mind when homeschooling on a budget:

  1. Use your library card!
  2. Look for free lessons, videos and other resources on the internet.
  3. Buy your curriculum used.
  4. See if you can borrow homeschool materials from another homeschooling family.

Here are a few great options for FREE curriculum available online:

Easy Peasy is a free, all-in-one curriculum for preschool thru high school. Click here for the main site and here for the high school program. I have never used this curriculum but you can find a review of it here.

Ambleside Online is a free, Charlotte Mason style curriculum for kindergarten through high school.

For families wanting to teach preschool at home on a budget check out ABC Jesus Loves Me and Letter of the Week.

And here are a few more resources to aid you in homeschooling on a budget:

(Please note that I have not read through all the content on each of these sites. Please use discernment when choosing to use their resources.)

Homeschooling on a Shoestring series

Open Education Source


Budget Homeschool

Ambleside Online

Khan Acadamy

Old Fashioned Education

IXL (Math and Language Arts practice)



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