Freezer Meals and Snacks

I spent last Saturday in my kitchen preparing meals and snacks to freeze for those busy homeschool days when I don’t have the time or the energy to prepare meals for my family. I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I am when I can pull out a homemade meal from our freezer instead of stressing out about getting dinner on the table with all the other tasks I have to juggle!

freezer meals and snacks

I usually make a double batch of whatever we are having for dinner (if it freezes well) so that we can eat one and freeze the other. However, being on bed rest and then having a baby meant I wasn’t cooking much so our stash of freezer meals dwindled down to nothing! Imagine my surprise when I went to pull out a meal and realized we had eaten them all!

freezer meals

So I decided I better set aside a few weekends to restock our freezer. Here’s what I was busy cooking in our kitchen last weekend:

If I had more time in the day I would have made a large batch of my Banana Muffins and my favorite cookies!


  1. A friend was just talking to me about freezer meals.

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