What If My Child Needs to Learn Something That I Can’t Teach?

Many homeschool moms wonder if they will be able to teach their child everything he or she needs to know. Whether that mom is teaching a first grader or a senior in high school, the amount of knowledge that is learned each year can seem daunting! What if I don’t remember US history? What if I never took pre-calculus? What if I’m a terrible writer? How am I going to teach my child everything they need to know?

Home educating our children at home doesn’t mean we have to know everything nor does it mean that we need to teach everything to our children. What we need to remember is that if God has called us to homeschool then He will provide what we need each step of the way.

Find out more in my video, “What if my child needs to learn something that I can’t teach?”

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what if my child needs to learn something that I can't teach

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