A New Favorite for Preschool and Kindergarten {Rod and Staff}

I’ve never been big on investing lots of money on preschool (or even kindergarten) curriculum. I’m happy letting my kids play all day and leaving the formal education until they are older. However, it’s always nice to have a few things on hand for when my kids start showing an interest in doing school work at the table with their older siblings. In the past I’ve kept the Developing the Early Learner workbooks on hand (and still do) but recently I came across some cheaper preschool and kindergarten workbooks that my younger children are really enjoying.

preschool and kindergarten workbook review

The workbooks are made by Rod and Staff Publishers and sold here. My preschooler is enjoying the  A-B-C preschool series that includes 4 workbooks (About Three, Bigger Steps, Color Count and Cut, and Doing My Best). My kindergartner is using the Do It Carefully and Finding the Answers workbooks. I also purchased Adventures with Books and Counting with Numbers for later use.

Here is what I love about the Rod and Staff workbooks:

  • They are super cheap! Each workbook is between $2.50 and $3.60 (as of the writing of this post) and you get a discount if you purchase the workbooks in a set.
  • My little ones can work independently (after a little instruction from me). This is a big deal for me because I have so many other kids to homeschool.
  • There are instructions for the teacher/parent on the bottom of each page with further insight and often instructions for doing additional activities that will reinforce the skill the child was working on that day.
  • My kids enjoy them! Both my preschooler and kindergartner prefer doing these workbooks over any of their other school work.

Have you tried Rod and Staff’s preschool workbooks?

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