Phonogram Progress Charts {FREE}

I’ve got phonics on my brain these days! I just finished watching an insightful DVD on language and the Spell to Write and Read program called Hidden Secrets to Language Success. While the audio and video might not be stellar, the information presented in this DVD set is excellent. You can watch a clip here or purchase it here.

I have also been busy looking through curriculum and preparing for the coming school year. Right now I am absorbed in phonics, spelling and reading preparation. This year I’ll have five children to homeschool, along with a toddler! Trying to remember who needs more practice in what is almost impossible so I’m creating different charts to help me keep track.

For those of you using the Spell to Write and Read program, here are two FREE phonogram progress charts that I created. You are more than welcome to print them out for your own personal use.

phonogram progress charts

Download the 26 Basic Phonograms Chart

Download the Multi-Letter Phonograms Chart

Each chart has the phonograms running down the side with space to mark off whether the child knew the phonogram or needs more practice. I divided each box in half so that you can keep track of visual to oral review and auditory to written review for each phonogram. Let me know if you have any questions on how I use these charts.


  1. Amanda Vaughn says:

    Hello Janelle,
    I just discovered your website. It’s so awesome. Your tips are so helpful and creative.
    Would it be at all possible to get a printable of the 26 Basic Phonogram Chart without the big yellow star on it in the right corner? That would be so helpful.
    If not, that’s ok too.
    Thanks so much for your time.
    Amanda Vaughn

    • Hi Amanda!
      You can download the 26 Basic Phonogram Chart by clicking on the words/link that say “Download the 26 Basic Phonograms Chart”. I believe what you are clicking on is the pinnable image. 😉 Let me know if you still have problems. Thank you for stopping by!

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