The Homeschool Mom’s Diary {Sickness, Christmas and Lesson Plans}

THMD Dec 27

Christmas has come and gone and it is time for me to start thinking about homeschooling again. We still have another week of vacation before we jump back into our studies but I know I should tackle the lesson planning now instead of putting it off to the last minute like I usually do. This time around will require a little more effort than usual because I neglected to keep track of what we accomplished the two weeks prior to our Christmas break.

You see, I had packed my lesson plan book full of assignments for those final two weeks before Christmas. I had hoped that the kids and I would be motivated to plow through lesson after lesson so that we could wrap up our studies at a convenient spot before breaking for Christmas.

Instead, we spent those two weeks passing around fevers, running noses, sore throats and coughs. There seemed to be at least two people sick on any given day. A few days had almost everyone laying around feeling miserable. The children that were well tackled a few assignments each day but I was too busy caring for the sick ones and trying to recover myself that I never noticed what they actually accomplished.

What I do know is that we watched way too much television. It didn’t dawn on me until the last few days of our illness that we should be listening to audio books instead of watching Netflix all day. At least Wild Kratts is educational, right? I’ll keep telling myself that either way since we cycled through all the episodes on Netflix numerous times.

I’m just thankful that everyone was healthy in time for Christmas. We had a wonderful week of baking cookies, making graham cracker houses, seeing lights, attending our church’s Christmas Eve service, spending time with family and remembering our Savior’s birth. I’m exhausted from all the activity so I think I’ll put off lesson planning a little longer. 🙂

When I do decide to tackle it, I’ll be tempted to pack our first week back to school with all the assignments I had scheduled for those last two weeks before Christmas in an effort to “get caught up”. It seems that I often feel like we have “fallen behind” but then I remember that we are never really behind. We are just moving at the pace that God has set for us.

I think I will plan an easy first week back to school to help ease us into our school routine. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be waking up before the kids our first week back especially not after all these late nights of family games and movies. And my kids are not going to be moving at full speed after two weeks of lazy mornings and little routine. I think we could all use a slower school week. I believe I just talked myself in to keeping the lesson plans simple.

The wonderful thing about lesson plans is that they are not set in stone. I plan our weeks as best I can and then trust the Lord for the outcome. Sometimes we get more done than I planned. Other times we never get around to anything in my lesson plan book but somehow the kids and I are always learning new things and, more importantly, learning the importance of giving each day to the Lord.


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