Gaining Control of the Game Cabinet

gaining control of game cabinet

Our family loves spending time together playing games which means we have a lot of them. Storing all our games has been a challenge for years. Stacking board games on top of each other with card games tossed in usually leads to a crashing pile of games on the floor every time someone wants to pull a game out of the cabinet.

game mess

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My obsession with organization just couldn’t stand it any longer! A few years ago I tackled our game cabinet and we’ve been pleased with the result ever since. I discovered a way to store our board games and card games that allows for easy access to each game. No more falling games. No more missing pieces. No more hassle trying to get our favorite games from the cabinet!

First, I put rubber bands around many of our board games (and other games stored in boxes). Many of these games had been played so many times that the lids had a difficult time staying attached to the bottom of the game boxes. Rubber bands were a great solution to keep everything secured together.

rubberbands on games

Next, I gathered all of our card games and made sure all the cards were accounted for in each game. If the card box was ruined I either put a rubber band around the stack of cards or placed the cards and the game instructions into a ziplock bag. Card games with intact boxes also got a rubber band wrapped around the opening of the box to ensure no cards fell out.

rubberband on cards

Then came the real challenge of trying to figure out a better way to store all of our games. I decided to place the card games in plastic tubs that could easily be pulled out and rummaged through and then returned to its dedicated storage spot.

card game storage

Board games are now stored vertically, lined up like books, so that you can quickly pull out a game and then easily return it to its original spot in the cabinet.

vertical storage board games

I purposely moved our game cabinet from the lower cabinets to the ones up high. I was tired of cleaning up after clever toddlers who mastered the safety locks and pulled all of our organized games on to the floor. Storing the games up high means that a few of my children need to use a stool or ask for assistance when getting a game but it also prevents the toddler from creating a mess.

Game Storage Solution

We have more games than storage space in our cabinets so several of our games, like Ticket to Ride, Catan and Dominion, are stored in another room. What can I say? We love playing games as a family!

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  1. Marlys Nelson says:

    Love your ideas! Wow – your family does have a LOT of games. I found a good one or two that might make good gifts for our granddaughter. Thanks, Janelle!

  2. We need to organize our game cabinet again. It seems like it needs re-organizing several times a year.

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