Homeschool Schedule to the Rescue! Sort-of!

The Homeschool Mom's Diary schedule to the rescue

About a month ago I revamped our homeschool schedule to better accommodate my 1st grade son and it has been working out great for us. That doesn’t mean that we strictly follow it though.

I can’t schedule in oversleeping after a long night with a sick child or dealing with water damage in my kitchen. Nor can I schedule in time to deal with a 2 year old’s tantrum or the extra work of washing dishes because my dishwasher is broken.

Yip! that has been my week and the week isn’t even over yet! I’m starting to feel a little sick myself but maybe that is just exhaustion! Anyone else feeling worn out this week?

Even though we didn’t stick to our homeschool schedule it still provided some structure and order to our days which was a huge blessing among all the chaos. The kids knew they needed to get ready and do their morning chores before tackling a few basic subjects. There was no need to ask when snack or lunch was because we stuck to those times that were on our schedule. Thanks to the schedule, my kids have formed the habit of doing their after lunch chores right after lunch and then having a rest/reading time.

The rest of the schedule got tossed and I’m okay with that. Life happens and I have to be okay with homeschooling in undesirable circumstances, like a broken dishwasher, a damp kitchen, some sick kids, a tantrum throwing toddler and sleep deprivation. I guess it’s the Lord’s way of making me wholly dependent on Him.

I think we’ll stick to the basic subjects the rest of the week. Perhaps some extra time for creative play and exploration wouldn’t be a bad idea. Plus we have a repair man coming to fix our dishwasher so observing the repairs should count for science, right?

How is your week going?


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