Must Read Books for High Schoolers

How time flies! My oldest child will be turning 18 years old soon. We started homeschooling her in 1st grade and here we are getting ready to graduate her from high school. It has been a delight to have her home all these years and I often wonder if she has taught me more than I taught her. I guess that is what happens when you foster a love for learning in a child.

Must Read Books for High Schoolers

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And with a love for learning comes a thirst for books. I asked my daughter to compile a list of books she thought every high school student should read. She was kind enough to oblige and even divided the books into categories. These are not all the books she has read in her high school years but rather a list of the ones she thought were beneficial for high school students to read. These books will definitely stretch and challenge the young mind and strengthen their faith.

Christian Worldview

Christian Apologetics

Foundation in Social Science

Science from a Biblical Worldview


Strengthening Your Personal Relationship with God {for young ladies}


  1. Thank you for this list! My teenage daughter and I clicked on a couple of the links (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein), because we were curious what Christian homeschoolers could get from them. It would be awesome to hear your opinion or your daughter’s opinion on this! By the way, I found you on Pinterest and also checked out your story and am glad I found your site. 🙂

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