When You Want to Get Creative But Have No Time

when you want to get creative but have no time

I have so many ideas for making school more fun. My mind is filled with creative solutions to my children’s academic struggles. I thought of doing a book club with two of my daughters and their friends complete with a tea party at the end. I wanted to utilize all those pins on pinterest for St. Patrick’s Day or perhaps tackle a few crafts for Easter. I get excited thinking of all the ways we can incorporate learning into daily activities because we are homeschooling.

Then reality hits. I hardly have time to get dressed these days let alone plan extravagant learning activities. I find myself changing diapers, chasing a toddler, giving repetitive instructions to my preschooler and trying to convince my reluctant learner that learning to read is a good thing.

Time for creativity just isn’t a possibility for me right now. It is easy for me to feel guilty for “letting my kids down”, but then I realize that all they really want to do is play and explore and spend time with me. They are okay spending a few hours tackling the “boring” school work if it means having the rest of the day to utilize their imagination and hone in on their talents. And aren’t they learning while exploring, playing, baking, crocheting, building forts and searching for bugs? Do I really need to make everything into a fun learning experience?

Perhaps one day I will find the time to liven up math or get creative with history but for now we are pushing through with the book work. Some days lend themselves to spontaneous fun like today when we decided to review our phonics lesson by shouting out the letter sounds while jumping around the house. It wasn’t planned but that’s what made it so fun and silly.

I love homeschooling. I love being creative with my children’s education. I also love that I don’t have to feel guilty for keeping things simple these next few months. My kids will be okay doing boring book work for the rest of the year and they will have a lot more time for learning through play the rest of the day. I’m good with that. And that’s a good thing because baby #7 is due to arrive any time!

How is homeschooling going for you?


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am right there with you!

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