Institute for Excellence in Writing: Encouraging Even the Most Reluctant Writer

Institute for Excellence in Writing REVIEW

My Family’s Experience with IEW

My oldest daughter is a natural writer so my failure to incorporate writing instruction in her homeschool years didn’t hinder her from searching out people who could help her develop her natural gift and love for writing. My other children are not as gifted when it comes to writing though. After years of frustration and tears caused by writing programs that didn’t deliver any real success, I decided to give the Institute for Excellence in Writing a try.

I had heard great things about the IEW program for many years but the price tag associated with the curriculum had me looking for other options. A few years ago I attended one of Andrew Pudewa’s seminars and was riveted through the entire presentation. Everything he said about writing made sense and his techniques were amazing! I knew this was a writing program that my kids would actually enjoy so I headed to the IEW booth to make a purchase.

While the cost of the program was more than I had budgeted for, the payoff has been well worth it! My kids, who use to dread writing, now enjoy writing class. They went from struggling to write one paragraph to easily writing short stories. The saying, “You get what you paid for” definitely applies here. A higher price tag really does reap superior results!

Three Choices with IEW

  1. A parent or teacher can learn to use the IEW method through the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style course. Once you know the method, you can tie writing lessons to any topic your student is learning.
  2. A reluctant parent/teacher can have their student watch Andrew Pudewa teach the writing lessons with the Student Writing Intensive courses. These courses come in three levels (Level A, Level B and Level C). Once your student has completed the Intensive course, he or she can move to the Student Writing Intensive Continuation course in the same level (Level A, Level B and Level C).
  3. A parent or teacher can learn to use the IEW method through the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style course and then utilize their Themed-Based writing curriculum afterwards.

What My Family Uses

Two of my children are working through the Student Writing Intensive Level A right now. While my kids are learning new writing concepts in the Student Writing Intensive course, I am learning right along with them in the Teaching Writing: Structure and Style course for teachers and parents. It has been a great fit for our family and we have seen extraordinary results with this program. These two products come in a writing package. We actually purchased this package that includes the IEW grammar program as well.

Other Excellent IEW Products

Fix It Grammar! is another excellent product from IEW. We have used it the last two years for grammar with great results. You can check back next week to read my review of the Fix It Grammar! program.

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