Writing Truth Back Into Biology {Apologia Biology Review}

Exploring Creation with Biology curriculum review

One thing I love about high school curriculum for homeschoolers is that most of them have been created for independent work by the student. That makes it easier on the homeschool parent but a little challenging to review without the high school student’s input.

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My oldest is graduating from high school this year so I asked for her input on her favorite high school curriculum. Today we are looking at Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Biology curriculum.


My daughter used this curriculum during her freshman year of high school. She was able to do all the book work and labs independently although she often had a few spectators (aka siblings) when she did the lab work. We were able to borrow the textbook, microscope and prepared slides from another homeschool family. We purchased all the specimens for the dissection part of the course since those can’t be reused.

The textbook provides solid scientific information from a creation worldview while also giving attention to the opposing view of evolution. Students will be adequately prepared to answer questions in the creation versus evolution debate as it applies to biology.

Exploring Creation with Biology is an enjoyable read (nothing like your usual dry, boring science textbooks), while still providing a comprehensive study of biology. High-quality illustrations throughout the textbook provide useful insight into the topics being taught.

The lab work aids in the understanding of the information being presented and is easy to do at home by the student. The cost of a microscope, slides and lab specimens can get pricey but the lab work helped cement the information in my student’s mind so I highly recommend investing in the lab materials.


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