Help! What should I teach my preschooler?

What should I teach my preschooler

There are many benefits to keeping your child home during the preschool years but what should you teach your preschooler while she is at home with you?

Today I want to look at some basic skills that most children have before starting kindergarten as well as encourage you with a bit of wisdom I’ve learned over the years.

What should I teach my preschooler?

Below is a list of basic skills and conceptsĀ mostĀ preschoolers know before starting kindergarten. All of these skills can be developed and concepts learned without any formal preschool curriculum.

  • Color names
  • Shape recognition
  • Some letter sounds and some names of letters
  • Number concepts such as counting, recognizing numbers 0-9 and understanding greater than and less than
  • An awareness of time and the calendar
  • Sort objects
  • Notice patterns
  • Follow directions
  • Use scissors
  • Color and trace
  • Use complete sentences to communicate with others
  • Dress themselves
  • Bounce a ball
  • Develop self-control
  • Interact with others

Some things to keep in mind about preschoolers.

Over the years I have learned a bit of wisdom about preschoolers. Having taken five children through the preschool years already (with two more still to go), I’ve learned the hard way that the preschool years are more about developing large motor skills, practice in correct behavior and expanding the imagination than formal education.

Playing is learning!

When a child is playing they are not only developing their motor skills but also building important pathways in the brain that are necessary for reading and higher thinking. It looks like play to us but it is work for them!

Not all children develop at the same pace.

Each child will be different in their physical, emotional and cognitive abilities so don’t compare your child to someone else’s child. Your child will learn and grow at the pace the Lord has set for them. Enjoy the stage your child is in right now!

Kids learn differently.

Some preschoolers love hands-on activities while others prefer listening to stories from books. Just because your friend’s daughter loves workbooks doesn’t mean your child is going to enjoy them or even benefit from them. Children learn differently, including preschoolers! (Learn more about learning styles here.)

Knowing God is more important than knowing the ABC’s.

The most important thing your child can learn during the preschool years is God’s Word and a knowledge of who God is. Read the Bible to your preschooler, talk to them about God and take them outside to explore the amazing world God has created!

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