Help! My Kids Frustrate Me and My Patience is Wearing Out

Help! My Kids Frustrate Me

This post was originally published on March 11, 2013.

“My kids frustrate me!”

“If they don’t stop arguing with each other I am going to scream!”

“I need to find a better parenting method so that my kids don’t annoy me so much. Otherwise I am going to always be angry with them!”

“My patience is wearing out! They need to learn to behave!”

I find these thoughts swirling around in my head more often than I would like. I have friends who can testify to the same thing. I have fellow moms who ask me if I know of a better parenting method to help keep their kids in line. I have wanted my kids to behave, play quietly and stop bothering me many times.

I have sought the Lord for a better “parenting method”. A better way to manage my kids and reduce my annoyance with them.

But then the Lord hits me with a big one….

The problem isn’t my kids. The problem is ME. Yes, my kids need discipline and instruction but I am the one who is getting angry, annoyed and who is exhibiting a lack of patience. If I don’t want to get angry at my children then I need to repent of anger and ask the Lord to show me how to love my kids. If I am getting annoyed with them then I need to repent of my selfish attitude and ask the Lord to open my eyes to how He sees my kids. If I am lacking patience then (you guessed it) I need to repent of impatience and cry out to God for His patience.

Sin is sin. If sin is welling up in me then I need to cry out to God for forgiveness and help. I need to be working on my own sanctification (becoming more like Christ).

My circumstances (loud children, a messy house, bickering kids) do not justify my bad attitude. I have to wonder if the Lord allows my children to fight, make messes and demand my time so that I will realize how utterly sinful I am and how much I need the Lord.

The Bible says that children are a blessing from the Lord and indeed they are a blessing in many ways. But did you ever stop to think of how your children bless you by forcing you to see your own sin and push you towards becoming more and more like Christ?


  1. I really need this today. My daughter just turned two and driving me crazy. I was at my breaking point and I never thought of it as God tedting me to see where I need to change, I just assumed my daughter decided to do yhe opposite of everything I asked her. I see now that patience and anger are just sometjings that I need to work on. Thank you 🙂

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