Science in the Beginning {Review}

Today I wanted to tell you about Science in the Beginning by Dr. Jay L. Wile. It is an elementary science curriculum that my kids and I have really enjoyed.

Science in the Beginning curriculum review

Science in the Beginning takes the six days of creation and teaches science topics based on what God created on each day of creation. For example, on the first day of creation God created light so topics include light, color, energy and the human eye. On the fifth day of creation God created the birds of the air and the fish of the seas so topics include saltwater and freshwater, osmosis and diffusion, waterproofing feathers, the basics of flight and much more.

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We took two years to work our way through the curriculum doing three units each year. I found this to be a great pace for our family. Each lesson starts with a simple science experiment to get the kids engaged and excited about the topic. Lesson reviews are included at the end of each lesson and are divided up into “Youngest students”, Older students” and “Oldest students” making it ideal for a family to do together.

You can learn more about Science in the Beginning and how I used it with four of my children in the video below.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

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