A Child’s Art Box that Delights the Imagination

My children love to pull out our art box and use their imagination to create all kinds of things from abstract art to 3D creations. They didn’t always enjoy craft time though. They felt constricted with pre-made crafts and got discouraged when their finished project didn’t look like the sample they were suppose to recreate.

I didn’t like art time either. It took hours of my time to search for craft ideas, purchase supplies, prepare the materials, execute the project and then clean it all up. My solution was an art box that was easily accessible to my kids and stocked with supplies that would foster creativity and delight their imagination.

Create an art box that is easily accessible to your kids and stocked with supplies that will foster creativity and delight their imagination.

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My Family’s Art Box

My children are allowed to get the art box out during their free time. They are responsible for cleaning it all up when they are done. Of course, I take into consideration the age and ability of my kids and assist the little ones when needed. There is usually a minimal amount of clean up that I have to do when they are finished.

The great thing about the art box is that I don’t have to plan or assist in any art projects. I have found that my children actually enjoy this type of “free” art more than structured art projects. I’m always amazed at what they come up with from the pile of supplies that are tossed in the box. I’ve seen abstract art, 3-D art, beautiful pictures and even some new inventions!

Because I want the art box to be something my kids can utilize on their own time, I do not store paint supplies in the box. Those are kept in another location and are used with adult supervision.

Creating Your Own Art Box

Get a plastic box or other storage container and fill it with things your children can use to create their own masterpieces. Try to think outside of the box. Regular art supplies are good but random items inspire more creativity.

Regular Art Supplies

It’s always good to have some regular art supplies on hand. Here is a list to get you started:

Unique Art Supplies

You will be amazed at what your child can create with various items you find around your home. Here are some things you can add to your art box that encourage creativity.

I don’t store all of these items in our art box at one time. That would require a really large box! I rotate through different items as I find them or they are available in our home. Do you think your kids would enjoy an art box? Give it a try and see if it inspires creativity and delights their imagination!

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