2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum

2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum

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My son is heading into 2nd grade with a lot of energy and a very short attention span. I tried to find 2nd grade homeschool curriculum that will either keep him engaged or can be done in short periods of time.

His reading skills are developing at just the right pace for him but are considered below grade level by traditional school standards. My focus this year with him is reading and spelling along with math and handwriting. We’ll tackle the other subjects as time and attention span allow although he loves The Mystery of History curriculum so I’m certain we will get to that.

2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Phonics, Spelling and Reading
  • The great thing about Spell to Write and Read is that it offers a gentle introduction to grammar while teaching spelling and reading so we don’t need a separate grammar curriculum this year.
  • We will be using the read alouds that are included with Illuminations and go along with our history lessons.
  • He completed the Cursive First curriculum last year so we will be using the Draw Write Now: Polar Regions book this year to reinforce what he’s already learned. He’ll draw the pictures in his journal and then copy (in cursive) the corresponding information.
  • Math-U-See: Beta will be our main math curriculum.
  • I purchased two other items to help him with math this year. He can work through Math Lessons for a Living Education level 2 at his own pace. I don’t care if he completes this book as we are using it as a fun review and not our core math curriculum. I’ll continue to read to him from the Life of Fred series. We started it this summer and he loves it.
  • The Mystery of History Volume 3 is sure to be a hit with my son. He loved using volume 2 last year and is really excited to use it again this year. The coloring pages are a great way to keep his hands busy while I read the lessons.

My son will also be taking a Lego class and a science class from our homeschool co-op and participating in extra-curricular activities and sports throughout the year.

This will also be our first year using Illuminations to help me stay organized and keep us all on track. You can find out more about Illuminations by visiting the Bright Ideas Press website.

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Need help choosing the right curriculum for your student? I’m here to help!


  1. I just found your YouTube video “Demystifying the SWR Program” and I just have to say thank you!!! I tried to implement the program last year but felt overwhelmed with two grade levels and no training. I’m prepping for three grades this year, but I’m much more confident after watching your video. Thank you again!!! A million times!

    • Yeah! I’m so glad the video was helpful. It’s always an encouragement to me to hear that one of my posts or videos helped another homeschooler. Praying you have a wonderful school year.

  2. We L.O.V.E. Math Lessons for a Living Education! I have a free printable of the Place Value Houses you might like 🙂 Great choices for a fun-filled homeschool year!

    Hopping on over from the “Back-to-School” blog hop. Happy Homeschooling!

    • My kids are enjoying the Math Lessons for a Living Education books so far. If you have a link to your free printable feel free to leave it in the comments. Thanks for stopping over!

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