Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

I love kindergarten. My kids are always eager to learn and excited to do “big school work” like their older siblings. Choosing kindergarten homeschool curriculum can get a little tricky though. In my excitement to start formal education with my kindergartner, I can easily get wrapped up in loading us down with curriculum instead of fostering a love for learning.

This year I’ll be focusing on Bible, phonics, penmanship and math with my kindergartner. All the other subjects and curriculum are optional. She can participate in the history and science lessons with her older siblings or she can choose to run off and play. I have workbooks available if she wants to sit down and do school work but it is not required.

I want her to fall in love with learning not get bogged down with busy work so lessons will be kept short and exploration time will be encouraged.

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Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum


I have several workbooks available for my daughter to use if she desires to do some school work alongside her older siblings. Here is what I have on hand:

  • I’ll be using The Mystery of History Volume 3 with her older siblings. Last year she joined us for most of the history lessons so I figure she will do the same this year. The coloring pages are a great way to keep her hands busy while I read the lessons.
  • Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space is what I am using with my older children. My kindergartner will most likely join us in the lessons and projects but she is free to explore nature outside if she wants.

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