Revealing School Book Review

It was in one of my online homeschool circles that I first heard about the book, Revealing School by Britton B. LaTulippe. I was intrigued by the subtitle which stated, “Discover what school is really doing to your children” but I didn’t give it more than a quick thought since my children were not in public school.

When I was offered a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review I decided to visit LaTulippe’s website for more information on what the book was about. The description says that it’s “the most controversial book on American education ever written” and I couldn’t agree more.

Whether your kids attend a public school, private school or are homeschooled you will still be challenged by LaTulippe’s writing.

His overarching thesis is that public schools are not the place for American children. As a homeschool mom you would think that I’d agree with all the arguments he makes in the book but that wasn’t the case.

One mom's thoughts on the book Revealing School by Britton B. LaTulippe. How it challenged my thinking on education and the American public schools.

There were definitely points in the book with which I whole-heartily agreed. There were also arguments that he made that I completely disagreed with. There were several times that I found myself questioning the methods I was using to home educate my own children and numerous times I found myself jotting down a reminder to research one of his points on my own.

I doubt anyone would agree with LaTulippe on all of his points but that is what makes the book thought provoking and worth reading. It really does challenge your stance on public schools and forces you to think through your views on education.

I used up almost an entire package of post-it notes while reading Revealing School. I made notes about quotes that I loved and points that I disagreed with. I marked passages for me to follow up on with my own research. That says a lot about a book.

I could write several blog posts on all my thoughts and reactions to this book but I’ll save myself the time and just share some of my favorite quotes from Revealing School.

Favorite Quotes from Revealing School

One of the reasons I homeschool my children is to put God first in everything we do. I appreciated this quote:

“Parents shouldn’t allow children to do homework until the more important matters of life are taken care of. Instead of asking, ‘Have you done your homework?’, start with: ‘Have you read your Bible today? Have you loved someone today? Have you said your prayers? Have you called your grandmother lately?'” page 50

Here’s a quote about socialization that is in line with what I’ve blogged about before.

“Let’s remind ourselves of the goal of education: To properly prepare children for the adult world. Explain to me how surrounding young children with other immature young children helps them grow into mature adults?” page 102

This section of the book made me pause and think. Perhaps it will do the same for you?

“Now, some Christians will argue that if schools would just return to the golden era when Bibles and prayers were taught, everything would be good again. Well on this one point, they are wrong and the atheist are right – the Bible has no place in government schools; of course, neither do Christian children.” page 146

He goes on to explain:

“Do you really want Obama’s government giving your children religious instruction?” page 146

“If you’d like to see how quickly the church can be perverted when government takes the helm, just read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. Don’t you remember why the Pilgrim’s fled England? Perhaps this is why God commands parents, not schools, to raise their children in the Lord!” page 146

In Part 2 of Revealing School, LaTulippe details the history of education in America. He asks an interesting question:

“If American children were already receiving an outstanding home education, why did the government steal the reins?” page 170

You’ll have to read the book to discover his answer to that question but I’ll give you a little hint with this quote:

“Our first Secretary of Education, Horace Mann, admitted: ‘We who are engaged in the sacred cause of education are entitled to look upon all parents as having given hostages to our cause.'” page 182

And here is one last quote to chew on:

“Our ancestors came to America to raise their children freely in the Lord and then fought a war…to throw off the yoke of oppression. Yet, just a generation later, they let a handful of charlatans convince them that the best way to raise Godly children was by sending them to Godless schools and the best hedge against tyranny was to have the government educate their kids.” page 213

I could share more thought provoking quotes but then I’d be plagiarizing the book! You’ll have to pick up your own copy, available in print or digital form, to read more.

Like I said earlier, there were a lot of things in this book that I disagreed with and many points that caused me to ponder and question my own view on education. I only wish I had read it in a book club so that I could have joined in on some lively discussions that I’m sure would have taken place.

This book is not a quick read as it contains over 350 pages but it is an easy read with LaTulippe’s easy conversational style of writing. Whether you agree with his thesis or not, you will be challenged in your views on education. I know I was!

(I want to add one caution. Revealing School contains examples of material from public school textbooks that were beyond inappropriate. I had to skip these sections of the book because I didn’t want to fill my mind and eyes with filth. I am disgusted that these materials are being used to teach our children.)

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