Picture Charades: A Game Everyone Enjoys

Who would have thought that a game for little kids would be enjoyed by teens and adults? Picture Charades for Kids really does bring the entire family together. We’ve had a 2 year old playing right along with a teenager. It has provided numerous hours of laughter and enjoyment for friends and family.

Picture Charades is a game everyone enjoys playing. Great for playing with a wide range of ages.

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Simple Enough for Young Ones

Because the game cards have pictures on them (and no words), the youngest child can still play along without assistance. Images on the cards are divided into four categories: people, indoors, outdoors, and animals. Kids choose a card from a category, decide for themselves what the image is and then act it out.

Picture Charades for Kids is a great game for the entire family!

When we play with toddlers and preschoolers, we usually don’t keep score. We just continue taking turns acting out cards until our stomach muscles can’t handle anymore laughter!

Enjoyable for Older Ones

Teenagers, young adults and grandparents have all enjoyed trying to get others to guess what image was on their card. Because the player can decide for themselves what word the image represents, older kids and adults can choose harder words to act out. For example, the image of a superhero could be acted out as Superman or the image of a scientist could be considered a chemist.

Picture Charades for Kids makes a great game for all ages.

If you are playing with older kids and adults, you can divide into teams and keep score. See which team has the best actors and guessers!

Picture Charades for Your Next Social Event

If you are expecting company of all ages, why not give Picture Charades for Kids a try? It’s an excellent way to bring everyone together for some laughs.

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