5 Super Simple Christmas Traditions Anyone Can Do

I’m one of those people who enjoys slowing down during the holidays. I love establishing Christmas traditions with my family but I need them to be super simple yet memorable. My children look forward, with great anticipation, to these five super simple Christmas traditions.

It is possible to slow down over the holidays and still celebrate Christmas with fun traditions. Here are 5 super simple Christmas traditions anyone can do.

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Decorate the Christmas Tree

One of my children’s favorite traditions is pulling out the Christmas ornaments and decorating the tree together. Every year each child receives a new ornament that represents something special about them.

It is always a joy to place each ornament on the tree while reminiscing about the past. There’s a piano for the child who loves music, a guitar to represent the year a child purchased her own, a high heel shoe for the girl who loved to play dress up, a dog, an Elsa ornament, a bicycle and many more.

Incorporating the entire family into the decorating of the tree provides a simple and enjoyable way to practice a family tradition.

Watch a Christmas Movie

I’m going to be honest here. Sometimes life with seven kids can get a little overwhelming and I often gravitate towards turning on the television to quiet my family. So, when the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season gets to be a little to much, I like to pull out a Christmas movie to enjoy as a family.

And who doesn’t like watching movies? This is another super simple yet highly memorable Christmas tradition for my family. We love sitting by the fire, eating popcorn and watching It’s a Wonderful Life together.

Play Christmas Music

My kids know it’s Christmas time when my husband turns on the Christmas tunes. From Jinlge Bells to O Holy Nighthearing Christmas music played brings back fond memories of my own childhood years. When my children are older, I hope that hearing a Christmas song will remind them of celebrating their Savior’s birth as a family.

Look at Lights

Every year my husband and I take the family out to see Christmas lights. It’s free and it’s super easy. Sometimes we bundle up the family in warm clothes to walk through a well-lit neighborhood. Other times we choose to drive around town peering at lights through the window of our van. Either way, the kids love seeing the Christmas lights on display and I love how simple and enjoyable it can be.

Read the Christmas Story

While the cinnamon rolls are baking and before the presents are ripped open, my family takes a few minutes to read the Christmas story from the Bible. It’s important for us to remember the reason for the season and to remind our children of the great gift that was given to us when God came to earth as a baby.

Sometimes the kids act out the story or move the nativity pieces while my husband reads the story. Other years we listen to the story while snuggled together on the couch in our pajamas. Reading the story of Jesus’ birth is my favorite Christmas tradition.

What Christmas traditions does your family enjoy?

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