How to Encourage a Heart for Prayer While Learning Geography

As a mom, I want my children to learn the importance of prayer. My desire is for them to have a heart for the Lord and compassion for others. It’s easy for me to fall into the habit of only praying with my kids before meals and bedtime. I want more for them though. I want them to know that they can approach their Heavenly Father anytime through long prayers or short utterances.

The best way for me to teach the value of prayer is through modeling it for my kids and practicing it with them. I try to look for ways to incorporate prayer into our daily life. One way to do this is to weave prayer into our homeschool lessons.

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How to Encourage a Heart for Prayer While Learning Geography

As we study people, places and events throughout history, we can take time to pray for the people and events we are learning about. A memorable way to do this is with a Geography Prayer Notebook.

A Geography Prayer Notebook can provide opportunities to pray for current events, missionaries, persecuted Christians and more all while learning geography. You can find out more about using a Geography Prayer Notebook over on the BIP Press blog. I share detailed instructions for assembling your own notebook and how to use it. Check it out!

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