The Most Important Thing When Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

You’ve probably heard someone say that when it comes to choosing homeschool curriculum you need to consider your child’s learning style and your views on education. I tell newbie homeschoolers this all the time because it helps narrow down choices in a sea of curriculum options.

However, you can pick a curriculum that matches your philosophy of education and your child’s learning style and find that it still does not work for you. Why? Because you haven’t taken into account the most important thing when choosing homeschool curriculum.

The Most Important Thing When Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

Must Be Doable for Mom

The greatest factor in the success of a particular curriculum is whether it is doable for the homeschool mom. A superb curriculum is only good if you actually use it.

If a curriculum is not easy for you to use then you will probably do one of two things:

1. Plow Through and Burnout

You might plow through it while getting irritated with your kids and burning yourself out. I know because I’ve done it myself!

There have been curriculums that I was certain would provide my kids with the best education. I stayed up late preparing lesson plans and spent large amounts of time teaching the material and helping my kids execute the activities. I was exhausted by lunchtime but we always had more schoolwork to do. By the end of the day I was ready to collapse into bed but more lesson prep was needed. My home was a disaster, my husband got little of my time and I was running on empty. Try as I did, it was impossible to keep up that pace just for a curriculum. I was ready to throw in the towel and call homeschooling quits! Perhaps you can relate?

2. Rarely Get To It

Sometimes you can’t plow through the curriculum so you choose to neglect using it. You push it aside for subjects that are easier or more enjoyable.

I know I’ve done this as well. I’ve spent hours researching curriculum that would deliver an excellent Christian education to my kids. Unfortunately, I held the curriculum up on a pedestal and couldn’t imagine lowering my standards for an easier curriculum. The problem was that I created an all or nothing situation. It was that curriculum or no curriculum. And nothing got done.

It is better to be consistent with an “inferior” curriculum than never get around to using the “superior” one. If it isn’t doable for the homeschool mom then it isn’t going to work for her family.

Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

Don’t trap yourself into a curriculum that is too hard for you to implement in your homeschool. Consider your child’s learning style and your views on education but then make the final decision based on what works for you. Choosing homeschool curriculum that is doable for you will save your sanity and give your kids a more consistent, happy homeschool experience.

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