Wondermaps: An Easy Way to Create Maps for Your Homeschool

I use to waste hours scoring the internet for just the right map to use in homeschool lessons with my kids. Usually, I had to settle for a map that was close enough to what we needed. I often saved maps in Microsoft Word so I could try to edit them to better suit our needs. It became such a frustration and a huge waste of my time.

Wondermaps is an easy way to create maps for your homeschool. Customize the exact map you need for your lesson in just a few clicks! Read the full review.

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Wondermaps to the Rescue

I have to say that my map searching days are over! I finally found a great resource, called Wondermaps, that lets me customize maps on my computer to exactly what I need.

Last week my daughter asked for a map of South America. I had neglected to print one out for her when I was working on the lesson plans for the week. Thankfully, with Wondermaps, I was able to print out the map she needed while she gathered her supplies for map work.

Here is a video showing just how easy it is to print a map that you need.

Wondermaps Features

Keep in mind that I have an older version. The newer version has even more awesome option, like editing the maps, adding your own text and drawing in Adobe Reader.

Wondermaps includes modern day maps and historical maps, making it useful for geography, current events and history lessons! It allows you to print colored or black-and-white maps. You can create political maps or topographical maps as well.

If you’d like more information about Wondermaps, check out the video below and then click on over to the Bright Ideas Press website.

WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press

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