Online Courses for Homeschoolers

Online courses are a wonderful option for many homeschool families. Whether you are looking for a full program or just one or two subjects to round out your other curriculum choices, this list should be helpful for you.

I’ve spent hours researching different online programs for homeschoolers and wanted to share my findings with you. The majority of these online courses have a Christian worldview but make sure to do your own research before selecting a program for your child.
Check out this list of online courses for homeschoolers for kindergarten through high school!

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Some of these courses are true online courses while others are DVD programs. I’ve divided them between courses for elementary age students and middle/high school level courses. Some programs will be listed in both sections since they offer courses for all ages.

Elementary Online Courses

Geography bundle -- North Star Geography and WonderMaps

Middle School and High School Online Courses

High School Dual Enrollment

If you know about an online course for homeschoolers that isn’t listed above, then please let me know in the comments. Has your student taken classes online?


  1. Hai Nguyen says:

    Hi Janalle,

    Thanks for very informational post.
    I live in Vietnam where has a homeschooling community. I’m looking for an online program that fits to us. I heard about but not sure if it’s good or not.
    In Vietnam, we have very few information about what is the good/popular online program in USA. Could you please review acellus and give us some advice.
    Thanks again !
    P/s: I watch your review on Abeka vs BJU and love your video.

  2. I don’t see Liberty University Online Academy listed as an option?

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