My Favorite Homeschool Curriculums

I’ve used a lot of homeschool curriculums over the years. There are numerous ones that my kids and I have enjoyed but there are a few that stand out as our favorites. Keep on reading to discover my seven favorite homeschool curriculums and then leave a comment and share your favorites.

A veteran homeschool mom of seven shares her favorite homeschool curriculums.

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Math U See

I started using Math U See my first year of homeschooling when my oldest child was in first grade. I used it with her all the way through their calculus program and continue to use it with all my other children.

I’ve tried other math curriculums over the years but always end up setting them aside and going back to Math U See. You can read my review of Math U See here or visit their website for more information.

Science in the Beginning

Over 13 years of homeschooling kids in the elementary years (with many more to go) has provided me many opportunities to try out different science curriculums. While we have liked almost everything we have used, Science in the Beginning is by far our favorite one.

If you only get around to doing one science curriculum in the elementary years, this is the one I’d recommend. If your child completes it in 4th or 5th grade, they should have a great foundation for junior high science. I did a full video review of Science in the Beginning on my YouTube channel.

Apologia Science

When it comes to junior high and high school science curriculum, there isn’t anything better than Apologia. My oldest daughter really enjoyed all of the Apologia junior high and high school courses she took, especially biology. I love that Apologia gives kids a solid foundation in the sciences while pointing them back to the Creator.

Spell to Write and Read

I just don’t see myself using anything other than the Spell to Write and Read program to teach my kids reading and spelling. If you ever thought the English language was full of exception and hard to figure out rules then you need to check this program out! You’ll find that the English language isn’t as complicated as many other reading and spelling programs make it out to be.

Spell to Write and Read

I did a blog post review and a video review on Spell to Write and Read. You can also find out more about SWR on their website.

Fix It Grammar

Who said grammar was boring? Well, my kids and I did until we found the Fix It Grammar curriculum. Fix It Grammar really did turn a boring subject into an exciting adventure. You can read my full review of the program here. And make sure to check out all the different levels and exciting stories your child can do with this program.

IEW Writing

The Institute for Excellence in Writing offers wonderful writing programs for elementary through high school students. I have a few kids who use to stare blankly at a piece of paper when asked to do a writing assignment. The year we switched to IEW writing was the year those kids grew by leaps and bounds in their writing abilities.

IEW is a very teacher intensive program, so I haven’t been able to use it every year. However, it gave my struggling writers a great foundation to build on and prepared them for other writing courses. I will definitely be returning to IEW in the future as I teach my other kids to write. You can read my full review of IEW here.

The Mystery of History

If you are looking for a chronological history curriculum with a Christian worldview then The Mystery of History is an excellent option. This has been the favorite history curriculum in my home for me and my kids. There are so many supplemental resources that go along with the curriculum to make history come alive for any child. Plus, The Mystery of History works well with multiple ages. I shared how I used it with four of my children (all different ages) in this blog post.

The Mystery of History

My Favorite Homeschool Curriculums Video Review

What are your favorite homeschool curriculums?


  1. Coral Martin says:

    You are the only homeschool mom blog that I ever read! An SWR youtube video about demystifying the SWR program was how I found you. And I find much encouragement from this post as I see that you recommend Apologia, Fix It Grammar and IEW writing – all of which we will be starting for the first time this year!
    Thank you for sharing you FAITH, your relationship with the LORD and all these wonderful homeschool tips! I appreciate it!

    • Coral,
      Thank you for your sweet words. I’m praying your homeschool year is filled with joy that only the Lord can supply! Enjoy Apologia, Fix It Grammar and IEW! My kids and I loved all of them.

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