The Mystery of History Curriculum Review

I never liked history when I was in school but homeschooling has given me a whole new appreciation and love for history. It started with  the first curriculum I purchased for my oldest daughter years ago. That curriculum taught history through a biblical worldview. My daughter and I began to see God’s hand throughout history and we both got excited to see the unfolding of God’s plan to redeem His people.

Since then I’ve been on the hunt for a curriculum that is not only grounded in a biblical worldview but enjoyable for all my children to use. I can’t even tell you how excited I was to discover The Mystery of History curriculum. It’s chronological, Christian and a whole lot of fun.

The Mystery of History curriculum review

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What We Love About The Mystery of History

My kids and I jumped into The Mystery of History Volume 2 a few years ago, not knowing what to expect. I was surprised by how much we all enjoyed the stories that I read aloud to everyone. The supplemental coloring pages were a hit with all my kids and kept their hands busy while their ears were listening to the lesson. You can read more about how I used The Mystery of History with four different grade levels in this blog post.

Here are some reasons my kids and I love using The Mystery of History.


The Mystery of History is not only written by a Christian but it also written from a Christian worldview. As my kids and I read the lessons aloud, we are continually reminded of whose history we are reading about (God’s history!). I love that my children and I can learn about difficult and often terrifying events in history through the lens of redemptive history (how God is working to save his people). This curriculum does an excellent job of telling the story of history from a Christ-centered perspective.


I have found it helpful to study history chronologically, especially for me and my older children. It has allowed us to see the cause and effects of different events throughout history. We have seen how events, ideas and beliefs have shaped the men, women and events that have come later. The Mystery of History follows this chronological approach to history and has made it easier for me and my older children to understand God’s marvelous story.

Engaging Stories

The stories in The Mystery of History are very engaging. It’s like the author, Linda Hobar, is sitting right there with you telling you the amazing stories of history. While the lessons are packed with information, children of all ages can usually enjoy the lessons being read aloud to them. I do want to note that each volume gets increasingly more difficult as it is meant to grow with your child. That means that the first two volumes are better suited for younger children. Volumes 3 and 4 might need to be summarized for younger students.

The Mystery of History

Geography Included

With The Mystery of History, you don’t just learn about history but where all the history is taking place. Map work is included in Volumes 1 and 2 and in the Companion Guide for volumes 3 and 4. (I’ll explain the difference in formatting between Volumes 1 and 2 versus Volumes 3 and 4 below.) This means that you can tackle history and geography with one curriculum. And what better way to learn geography than in the context of history.

Fun Activities

The Mystery of History is packed full of fun ideas and related activities for all ages and abilities. You can do as many or as little as you like. Some weeks my kids and I just enjoyed the stories and other weeks we dug deeper with fun activities, projects, reports and crafts.

Great Supplemental Resources Available

There are also additional supplemental resources available to purchase such as audio CD’s, lapbooks, notebook pages, timeline figures, coloring pages and challenge cards (for memory work). My older children really enjoyed the notebooking pages, the younger ones loved the coloring pages and I had one child who loved creating lapbooks for each lesson. There is something for everyone!

The Mystery of History Volume III Super Supplemental

Four Volumes, Two Formats

At this time, the four different volumes come in two different formats. Volume 1 and 2 are a paperback textbook that includes the lessons along with pretests, review work, activities, quizzes and tests, and exercises. Volumes 1 and 2 are printed in black and white and the pages are hole punched and bound in paperback.

Volume 3 and 4 have been divided into two different components. The first is a beautiful, hardback, colorful student reader that contains the stories. The second part is the Companion Guide which includes pretests, review work, activities, quizzes and tests, and exercises.

Both versions have their pros and cons. When I used Volume 2, I enjoyed having everything in one book. I’d grab our Mystery of History paperback textbook and read the lesson, ask my kids questions, look through the activities and guide my kids in the map work all with one book. Volume 3 didn’t have everything in one place but the hardback book held up much better to frequent use and the colorful pictures were much more engaging than black and white photos. I also found the Companion Guide easy to use.

While the formats are different, the content remains the same. All the volumes contain detailed lessons that engaged my children and provided us with an excellent education in His story.

Want To Know More

Watch this video for more information about The Mystery of History. See if it might be a good fit for your family.

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