Curriculum Review Comparing BJU Press Distance Learning and ABeka Academy

Last year I realized I needed to change the way I homeschooled my kids. Besides a few co-op classes for extra-curricular subjects, I had been teaching all of my children, all of their cores subjects on my own for over 10 years. I just couldn’t find the time or the energy to homeschool four children while caring for two rambunctious, noisy little boys this time around.

Curriculum review comparing Abeka Academy and BJU Press Distance Learning

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I decided to look into online classes and DVD programs for some of my kids. I chose DVD programs for two of my children. I purchased Abeka Academy for my 4th grader and BJU Press Distance Learning for my 2nd grader.

Both Abeka and BJU Press offer video instruction for Kindergarten through 12th grade from a Christian perspective but they also have some differences as well. Watch my full comparison review here or continue reading to get a quick look at the similarities and differences between these two programs.

What’s the Same

  • Both are Christian based
  • Both offer DVD or online streaming options
  • DVDs are leased and must be returned but all other materials are yours to keep
  • All the instruction needed is on the videos
  • Parent acts as a facilitator and grades assignments

What Are the Differences

  • BJU Press Distance Learning gives you the option of purchasing subjects individually. ABeka Academy does not.
  • Abeka’s videos are recorded in a real classroom with actual students although the teacher does address “the students watching”.
  • BJU Press is a teacher talking directly to your student while using various means to keep the lessons engaging.
  • Abeka Academy’s videos provide lots of drill and review to help children memorize facts.
  • BJU Press materials and videos help kids think critically about what they are learning.
  • Abeka includes religious content throughout their curriculum (videos, textbooks and workbooks).
  • BJU Press takes it one step further and teaches all the subjects from a Christian worldview, encouraging students to hold everything they learn up to the truth of God’s Word.

Watch My Full Curriculum Review

Last year I recorded this video sharing my family’s experience using Abeka Academy and BJU Press Distance Learning. Watch the video for a full curriculum review comparing these two video programs for homeschoolers.


  1. Thank you for this comparison. We have used BJU for probably 90% of our curriculum. This year has been a challenge, just trying to find time in the day for working through curriculum with every child. I have been thinking about using BJU’s distance learning next year for my oldest.

    • If you enjoy the BJU curriculum, I think you will really enjoy the Distance Learning instruction. The videos add more so much more interest and additional information and explanation. 🙂

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