How to Decide if a Homeschool Co-op is for You

A homeschool co-op can provide unique opportunities for you and your children. They can also add busyness and stress to your family life. It's wise to think through why you want to join a co-op and whether the benefits for your family outweigh the drawbacks. Benefits of a Homeschool Co-op Co-ops are a wonderful way for you and your kids to establish friendships. Seeing the same people week after week provides the consistency that is often needed in making friends. They can fill gaps … [Read more...]

Is Preschool the Best Option for My Child?

As a parent, you want what is best for your child but sometimes figuring it out can be difficult. Deciding what to do for preschool is one of those challenging decisions. Some moms want a little break from the demands of motherhood, other moms are eager to jump start their child's academics while others desire more social opportunities for their child. Many moms feel pressured by family or friends who insist that sending a child to preschool is the best thing to do. Is preschool the best … [Read more...]

What To Do When You and Your Spouse Disagree About Homeschooling

It's a difficult situation to be in. You want to homeschool your children and your spouse believes it is best to send them to a traditional school. What do you do? Pray Prayer is the best weapon you have when disagreements enter into your marriage. It's easy to pray for your spouse's opinion to change but an even better prayer is for unity in your marriage as you make decisions for your family. Pray that the Lord's will would be done and that you and your spouse would come to a peaceful … [Read more...]

How to Help Your Older Kid Who Hates School Work

What do you do when your older kid protests against an assignment? As a parent, you probably recognize the importance of completing a lesson even when your child dislikes doing it. Learning to follow through on a task is part of growing up and learning to be responsible. On the other hand you want your older kid to enjoy learning. You realize that trudging through the assignment means they will probably retain very little information. Their goal is to get the assignment done with as little … [Read more...]

How to Deal with a Young Reluctant Learner

You ask your child to complete an assignment for school and you are met with resistance. Do you force them to finish, have them set it aside for another time or just toss the assignment altogether? You've probably had a reluctant learner at one time or another if you have homeschooled for more than a few days! Once the excitement of "doing school at home" wears off, the resistance kicks in! How to handle a reluctant learner depends on the age of your child. This post is about homeschooling … [Read more...]

What About Socialization?

No loving parent wants their child to be socially awkward so how does a child learn socialization skills when they are homeschooled? Defining Socialization First, lets start with a definition. What is socialization? For many people the term socialization brings to mind children playing together on a school playground or teens hanging out at a football game. Is this an accurate picture of socialization though? Socialization can be defined as "the process by which a human being beginning at … [Read more...]

When do you find the time to plan lessons?

It's been a long time since I have answered some of your homeschool questions! Today I wanted to talk about lesson planning. One of you asked me, "When do you find the time to plan lessons?" The quick answer is that you can do as much or as little lesson planning as you want. Different curriculum requires different amounts of teacher preparation. If you enjoy lesson planning or even creating your own lessons from scratch then go for it! Just know that you will be investing a lot of time in … [Read more...]

How can I homeschool when my kids won’t listen to me?

"I would love to homeschool my kids but they don't obey me very well so it would never work." "I tried homeschooling but my kids and I just butted heads all the time so I gave up." "My child follows instructions better from his school teacher than he does from me so it's better he learns from someone else." Have you heard these comments before? Perhaps you've thought them yourself. I know I have! Tension between you and your child doesn't mean you have to give up on homeschooling. … [Read more...]

Homeschooling with Little Ones: There’s More To It Than Just Keeping Them Quiet

It can be quite a challenge trying to home educate older children with little ones around. I don’t know how many times I went to bed feeling like a homeschool mom failure as I contemplated the school work that was neglected and the huge amount of time that the little ones dominated that day. I remember spending hours poring over homeschool blogs for practical tips on how to homeschool with little ones around only to be discouraged when implementing those ideas didn’t bring about the desired … [Read more...]

What If My Child Needs to Learn Something That I Can’t Teach?

Many homeschool moms wonder if they will be able to teach their child everything he or she needs to know. Whether that mom is teaching a first grader or a senior in high school, the amount of knowledge that is learned each year can seem daunting! What if I don't remember US history? What if I never took pre-calculus? What if I'm a terrible writer? How am I going to teach my child everything they need to know? Home educating our children at home doesn't mean we have to know everything nor does … [Read more...]