Illuminations Homeschool Scheduler Saved Our Year

The Illuminations scheduler from Bright Ideas Press saved the homeschool year for my 6th grader. I've been trying to focus my attention this year on helping two of my children learn to read while loving on my 3 year old and infant. I haven't had time to create lesson plans for my middle school student. (This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.) Illuminations to the Rescue That's where Illuminations saved the year for me. I was already planning on using most of the … [Read more...]

The Mystery of History with Multiple Ages

Homeschooling multiple ages can be a challenge but The Mystery of History makes teaching history to my four elementary age children simple! If you aren't familiar with¬†The Mystery of History¬†curriculum it's a chronological, multi-age history curriculum with a Christian worldview. They have four volumes, each volume covering a different time period. We are doing Volume II: The Early Church and the Middle Ages this year. You can learn more about the curriculum on their website. {This post … [Read more...]