6 Christian Children’s Books You Will Love

Like many parents, I want to read quality literature to my children. When it comes to Christian literature for kids,  it can be hard to find books that compare to the classic literature that we love. That is why I was excited to discover six children's books that contain excellent stories and beautiful illustrations that delight my children's imaginations. (This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.) Christian Children's Books by R.C. Sproul The first three books … [Read more...]

Dinosaurs and the Bible

Turn on your child's favorite science show or open up a book about dinosaurs and your child will immediately hear that the earth is millions of years old and that dinosaurs lived long before any humans were alive. Eventually your child is going to ask you how the Bible and the story of creation fit in with the claims that dinosaurs are millions of years old. How old is the earth? When were dinosaurs created? Why don't they exist today? Answering these questions from a Biblical worldview can … [Read more...]

Our Summer Routine as a Homeschool Family

Our school year has come to an end and summer has begun which means it's time to create a summer routine for my family. With six kids still living at home, I have found a simple summer routine makes our days less chaotic and more enjoyable. (This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.) Since we homeschool, school life and family life sort of meld together. That means that even when school is officially over, we are still learning new things. Summer is a great time … [Read more...]

Noah’s Ark and the Flood: Answering Children’s Questions

One of the things I love about homeschooling is being able to teach my children history and science from a Biblical worldview. Learning about Noah's ark and the world-wide Flood is no exception. (This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.) The question seems inevitable. “Mom, how did all the animals fit on the ark?” With pictures and toys depicting Noah’s ark as a small boat with animals crammed into every corner, it’s no wonder kids have a hard time merging the … [Read more...]

The Best Educational Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Educational toys are a great way for toddlers and preschoolers to develop and grow in their skills through play. Of course, no toy can top the benefits of running, climbing, and exploring outdoors or using the imagination to create and make-believe. However, educational toys can be a great way to occupy your little one's time while you are homeschooling your older kids. (This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.) I compiled a list of my favorite educational toys … [Read more...]

How to Encourage a Heart for Prayer While Learning Geography

As a mom, I want my children to learn the importance of prayer. My desire is for them to have a heart for the Lord and compassion for others. It's easy for me to fall into the habit of only praying with my kids before meals and bedtime. I want more for them though. I want them to know that they can approach their Heavenly Father anytime through long prayers or short utterances. The best way for me to teach the value of prayer is through modeling it for my kids and practicing it with them. I … [Read more...]

Homeschool Physical Fitness for the Non-Sport Family

Physical activity is important for everyone. It keeps our bodies healthy, our minds active and our emotions more balanced. Finding creative ways to stay active can be a challenge for homeschool families who don't participate in team sports. Here are some creative ideas for homeschool physical fitness for those of you who aren't involved in sporting activities. (This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.) Outdoor Activities Take your homeschool physical fitness … [Read more...]

5 Super Simple Christmas Traditions Anyone Can Do

I'm one of those people who enjoys slowing down during the holidays. I love establishing Christmas traditions with my family but I need them to be super simple yet memorable. My children look forward, with great anticipation, to these five super simple Christmas traditions. (This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.) Decorate the Christmas Tree One of my children's favorite traditions is pulling out the Christmas ornaments and decorating the tree together. Every … [Read more...]

The Ultimate List of Family Games for All Ages

Playing games is one of my family's favorite ways to spend quality time together. Over the years we have tested out numerous ones and now we have a long list of favorites. From toddler to teen and everything in between, this list is sure to have something you and your kids will enjoy. I've tried to divide the games into age categories to make it easier for you. Of course, many of these games can be played by a wide range of ages and abilities so make sure to scroll through the whole … [Read more...]

Picture Charades: A Game Everyone Enjoys

Who would have thought that a game for little kids would be enjoyed by teens and adults? Picture Charades for Kids really does bring the entire family together. We've had a 2 year old playing right along with a teenager. It has provided numerous hours of laughter and enjoyment for friends and family. {This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.} Simple Enough for Young Ones Because the game cards have pictures on them (and no words), the youngest child can still … [Read more...]

Our First Day of School

I have been homeschooling long enough to know that the first few days (and even weeks) of a new homeschool year don't usually go as planned. Today was no exception. I thought we'd ease into a new school year by doing only three subjects today. Bible, math and spelling seemed easy enough to tackle. I should have known that Bible and learning to follow directions without grumbling would have been enough. My day started at 2 am when the baby woke up needing to nurse for almost an hour (or … [Read more...]

Revealing School Book Review

It was in one of my online homeschool circles that I first heard about the book, Revealing School by Britton B. LaTulippe. I was intrigued by the subtitle which stated, "Discover what school is really doing to your children" but I didn't give it more than a quick thought since my children were not in public school. When I was offered a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review I decided to visit LaTulippe's website for more information on what the book was about. The description … [Read more...]

The Ultimate List of Summer Activities

We are done with school and my kids are ready for some fun summer activities. I've been searching the web for fun things to do this summer. Some days are so hot we just want to stay indoors and other days are so beautiful we want to spend the day outside. I gathered together a list of summertime crafts, indoor activities, outdoor activities as well as some fun educational activities for those of you who want to incorporate a little learning into your summer. {This post contains affiliate … [Read more...]

A Child’s Art Box that Delights the Imagination

My children love to pull out our art box and use their imagination to create all kinds of things from abstract art to 3D creations. They didn't always enjoy craft time though. They felt constricted with pre-made crafts and got discouraged when their finished project didn't look like the sample they were suppose to recreate. I didn't like art time either. It took hours of my time to search for craft ideas, purchase supplies, prepare the materials, execute the project and then clean it all … [Read more...]

The Best Books for Girls

My girls love to read books, although it wasn't always that way. It took time to discover just the right book to spark their love of reading and then a lot of effort to find great books to keep their love of reading alive. Here is our family's list of the best books for girls. I tried to list them in order of difficulty from the beginner reader books to the more challenging books at the end. What books do the girls in your life enjoy? {This post contains affiliate links.} Circle C … [Read more...]