Spell to Write and Read Supplemental Resources

I love the Spell to Write and Read program for teaching reading and spelling. If you aren't familiar with the program then check this video. While supplemental resources are not needed to teach the program, they can add more interest for the student and be a great help to the teacher. I have compiled a list of Spell to Write and Read supplemental resources that I have used over the years. I hope you find it helpful. Spell to Write and Read Supplemental Resources All of the SWR materials … [Read more...]

Cursive First Handwriting Curriculum

I was a little baffled when I first heard about teaching cursive before print. Cursive seemed more difficult to write and I wondered how my children were going to learn to read print if they were taught cursive first. Cursive First was affordable and it coordinated with my favorite phonics and spelling program so I decided to give it a try. I read the teachers manual in one day and quickly discovered the benefits of teaching cursive first. I have been using this curriculum for several … [Read more...]

Creative Ways to Review Spelling Words

When it comes to reviewing spelling words, most kids are familiar with writing their words 2 times each, creating sentences, or alphabetizing their spelling words. After awhile these methods become dull. In an effort to make practicing spelling more enjoyable I came up with some creative alternatives. {This post contains affiliate links.} Creative Ways to Review Spelling Words Stamp Your Words Grab your letter stamps and let your child stamp his spelling words all over a piece of … [Read more...]

Demystifying the Spell to Write and Read Program

I love the Spell to Write and Read program for teaching phonics, spelling and reading to my children. I know from experience that Spell to Write and Read (SWR) can seem daunting when you first get it. In this video I try to demystify the program for you so that it's not so overwhelming. You can read my review of the Spell to Write and Read program or visit their website for even more information. I also have helpful tips for overcoming the challenges of the SWR program that you might want to … [Read more...]

WISE Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheets {Review}

My absolute favorite phonics, spelling and reading curriculum is Spell to Write and Read and using this curriculum just got easier with the creation of the WISE Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheets books! (Check them out here.)Elizabeth FitzGerald, homeschool mom and SWR trainer, has created worksheets to go with the enrichment activities in the WISE Guide (the spelling list portion of the Spell to Write and Read curriculum). The worksheets make the enrichment activities simple and fun for … [Read more...]

Phonogram Progress Charts {FREE}

I've got phonics on my brain these days! I just finished watching an insightful DVD on language and the Spell to Write and Read program called Hidden Secrets to Language Success. While the audio and video might not be stellar, the information presented in this DVD set is excellent. You can watch a clip here or purchase it here. I have also been busy looking through curriculum and preparing for the coming school year. Right now I am absorbed in phonics, spelling and reading preparation. This … [Read more...]

Multi-Sensory Phonics

When two (or more) senses are being used in the acquisition of knowledge more connections in the brain are developed to help aid in learning and retaining information. No wonder so many phonics programs claim to provide multi-sensory instruction. But are programs with cut-and paste activities and letter tiles truly offering the full neurological benefits of the mulit-sensory approach? While cutting and pasting and moving around tiles can be a great supplement to phonics instruction, these … [Read more...]

4 Common Mistakes When Teaching a Child to Read

Today I want to share four common mistakes that teachers and parents often make when teaching a child to read. Mistake #1: Teaching the names of the letters first. When we read a word we do not need to know the name of the letter but rather the sounds that the letter makes. Take the word "cab" as an example. If a child learned the names of the letters first, he would read the word "cab" as "See, A, Bee". Here we can see that the knowledge of letter names is not useful for learning to read. … [Read more...]

Overcoming the Challenges of the Spell to Write and Read Program

Over a decade of homeschooling means a lot of different curricula has come and gone in our home. Spell to Write and Read (SWR)  by Wanda Sanseri is one program that I can’t imagine homeschooling without. It’s a low cost yet highly effective phonics-based program for spelling and reading. If you want to know more about SWR you can read my review or watch this video that explains the program. The benefits of the SWR program far outweigh the challenges and that’s a good thing because there … [Read more...]

Spell to Write and Read

One curriculum that we really enjoy using in our home is called Spell to Write and Read by Wanda Sanseri. It is a phonics and spelling program for preschool thru high school age students. I love that I only had to purchase the core kit one time for all my children for all the grade levels. Once you buy the core kit you are off and running for years of phonics and spelling lessons. The only additional purchases I make are one Learning Log (primary or black) per child per school year. In … [Read more...]

Learning with Candy Land

My  kids love games and they would pick playing a game over doing school work any day so I came up with this Candy Land game to help review our Spell to Write and Read phonograms and spelling words. Of course, you can modify this game to fit your own spelling and phonics program too. (Scroll down for a video of how to play the game.) First, get out your Candy Land board game. Ours is an old one so yours might look a little different but any Candy Land board will work! Next, make … [Read more...]

Salt Box

Sometimes kids struggle with pen and paper writing activities. A great alternative to practicing handwriting is using a salt box. Find a shallow box (or purchase one here) and if the box is light in color, tape black construction paper to the bottom, inside of the box. (This will make a better contrast with the white salt and help your child see the letters he is writing better). Now add some salt and let your child use his finger to "write" his letters or spelling words in the … [Read more...]

Fishing for Phonograms (Letter Sounds)

We like to make learning fun around here. My goal for my kid's education is to encourage an attitude of life long learning. That doesn't come from boring workbooks (although I do use them). Instead, I try to make learning fun, especially for the little ones. One of the activities I use to help teach my children the sounds of the letters of the alphabet (called phonograms) is a little game called "Fishing for Phonograms". It is a fun and educational way for children to learn the letter … [Read more...]