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Disclaimer: This is not intended to be legal advice.  I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. If you would like legal advice on homeschooling please contact HSLDA. For more up-to-date and accurate information on homeschooling in California, please contact CHEA or PHEofCA.
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Click on these links for more information on California law and homeschooling options in California. Most requirements for private schools are found in EC 48222 and EC 33190 and apply to all private schools including private home schools. CHEA has a very helpful page with more information regarding homeschooling in California.

On This Page

  • Basic Requirements for all California Private Schools
  • Required Records for California Private (Home) Schools
  • Information on how to withdraw your child from a previous school and how to request your child’s school records.
  • Helpful pdf downloads for your own personal use.

Basic Requirements for All California Private Schools

  • Full-time private day school (While there are no specific requirements as to number of days or hours, your private school does have to operate “full-time” and offer at least some instruction during the day.)
  • Instructors who are “capable of teaching” (The law, as I understand it, leaves it up to the private school administrator to determine their standards for a person’s capability to teach. Remember that you, the parent, are the administrator of your private school.
  • Teacher qualifications kept on file (see “Required Records” below for more on this requirement.)
  •  Instruction must be taught in English (exception for non-English speaking families)
  • Course of Study on file (see “Required Records” below for more on this requirement.)
  • Instruction must be offered in the several branches of study required in the public school (Grades 1-6: English, math, social sciences, science, visual and performing arts, health and physical education. Grades 7-12: the same as those for grades 1-6 plus foreign language, applied arts and career-technical education. Drivers education is optional for private schools.  It is my understanding that “offering” instruction is not the same as “taking” instruction. You are free to require additional subjects such as Bible.)
  • Attendance records must be kept for each child enrolled (see “Required Records” below for more on this requirement.)
  • File a Private School Affidavit (see “Required Records” below for more on this requirement.)
  • Health Records (see “Required Records” below for more on this requirement.)

Required Records for California Private (Home) Schools

1. File a Private School Affidavit

File a Private School Affidavit (PSA) between October 1 and October 15 of every school year. Print a copy to keep for your records.

Only include children who turn 6 on or before September 1 on the affidavit.

For more information on the affidavit click here and here. For step-by-step instructions for filing the affidavit click here.

2. Attendance Records

 E.C. 48222 states, “…The attendance of the pupils shall be kept by private school authorities in a register, and the record of attendance shall indicate clearly every absence of the pupil from the school for a half day or more during each day that school is maintained during the year.”

Private schools do not have any minimum number of days or hours that they must operate. However, it is suggested that you aim for around 175 days of instruction. Free attendance records can be downloaded from CHEA here.

3. Course of Study

This is so simple! CHEA has sample Course of Study forms and free Course of Study fillable forms in pdf for you to print off and use. You can also create your own.

4. Faculty Qualifications

The name, address and qualifications of your faculty (that’s you and most likely your spouse) must be on file in your school records. See my Faculty Qualification worksheet for help creating this required record.

5. Health Records

  • Immunization Record Private home-based schools are exempt from immunization requirements. However, a copy of the immunization record (Form CDPH286) should be printed out and on file for each child. Fill out the form with any shots your child has received or leave blank if no shots have been given.
  • Tdap documentation for entering 7th grade.  Information about the Tdap requirement can be found here. More information and step-by-step instructions for the Tdap requirement can be found here.
  • Report of Health Examination for School Entry (Form PM171A) or the waiver of Health Check-up for School Entry (PM171B) for each child that is entering 1st grade.

(Check out CHEA’s “Required Records” page for more information)

Withdrawing Your Child From Previous School

If your child was enrolled in a previous school (public or private) you will need to withdraw your child from that school and request that their records be sent to the new school they are enrolling in (which is your private homeschool). Remember that you are requesting your child’s records as the private school administrator and not as the parent.

Private and Home Educators of CA has a very helpful page with detailed instructions for withdrawing your child from school.

For a sample letter of withdrawal provided by CHEA click here.

Helpful Downloads

These downloads are for personal use only. Please do not copy or alter them or store them on your own website or other site.

Faculty Qualification Worksheet

How Often Does Each Record Need To Be Done? Chart

Where Do I Keep These Records? Chart


For detailed information on how to homeschool privately in California, I encourage you to purchase CHEA’s “An Introduction to Home Education Manual” in PDF or book form.

For more information visit CHEA and PHEofCA.

(Updated 9/24/16)

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