My Story

Everyone has a story. I kept mine secret for far too long. God wants to be glorified through our stories and he wants me to testify to the amazing work he has done and is continuing to do in my messy life as I daily surrender my life to him. God is piecing my broken life together into a beautiful mosaic for my joy and His glory. This is my story…

My Story: Life (Part 1)

My Story: Loved (Part 2)

My Story: Accepted (Part 3)

My Battle with Food

We all have a story. Perhaps your story doesn’t seem so great right now. Maybe you feel lost, hopeless, confused, angry or tired and worn out. Do you know Jesus? Not just know about Him but actually know him as your friend and Savior? Have you tasted the joy and experienced the peace of walking in intimacy with God?

If not, you can! God wants to love on you and free you from all that keeps you from experiencing true joy and peace. Would you like to know more about how to truly know God? Click here to learn what it REALLY means to be a Christian.