The Mystery of History Curriculum Review

I never liked history when I was in school but homeschooling has given me a whole new appreciation and love for history. It started with ┬áthe first curriculum I purchased for my oldest daughter years ago. That curriculum taught history through a biblical worldview. My daughter and I began to see God's hand throughout history and we both got excited to see the unfolding of God's plan to redeem His people. Since then I've been on the hunt for a curriculum that is not only grounded in a biblical … [Read more...]

My Favorite Homeschool Curriculums

I've used a lot of homeschool curriculums over the years. There are numerous ones that my kids and I have enjoyed but there are a few that stand out as our favorites. Keep on reading to discover my seven favorite homeschool curriculums and then leave a comment and share your favorites. (This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.) Math U See I started using Math U See my first year of homeschooling when my oldest child was in first grade. I used it with her all the … [Read more...]