Homeschool Physical Fitness for the Non-Sport Family

Physical activity is important for everyone. It keeps our bodies healthy, our minds active and our emotions more balanced. Finding creative ways to stay active can be a challenge for homeschool families who don't participate in team sports. Here are some creative ideas for homeschool physical fitness for those of you who aren't involved in sporting activities. (This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.) Outdoor Activities Take your homeschool physical fitness … [Read more...]

Tackling High School Physical Education for the Homeschooler

I'm sure most of us remember going to PE or gym class in high school. My memories include wearing an unattractive PE uniform, the awkwardness of changing in the locker room with dozens of other teenage girls, and participating in sports that I was not interested in. I always hoped my school schedule had PE as the last class. I didn't want to endure being sweaty and smelly throughout the school day. I am pretty sure that my husband's memories of PE class were a little more positive. I guess he … [Read more...]