Spell to Write and Read Supplemental Resources

I love the Spell to Write and Read program for teaching reading and spelling. If you aren't familiar with the program then check this video. While supplemental resources are not needed to teach the program, they can add more interest for the student and be a great help to the teacher. I have compiled a list of Spell to Write and Read supplemental resources that I have used over the years. I hope you find it helpful. Spell to Write and Read Supplemental Resources All of the SWR materials … [Read more...]

Must Read Books for High Schoolers

How time flies! My oldest child will be turning 18 years old soon. We started homeschooling her in 1st grade and here we are getting ready to graduate her from high school. It has been a delight to have her home all these years and I often wonder if she has taught me more than I taught her. I guess that is what happens when you foster a love for learning in a child. (This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.) And with a love for learning comes a thirst for books. I … [Read more...]

4 Common Mistakes When Teaching a Child to Read

Today I want to share four common mistakes that teachers and parents often make when teaching a child to read. Mistake #1: Teaching the names of the letters first. When we read a word we do not need to know the name of the letter but rather the sounds that the letter makes. Take the word "cab" as an example. If a child learned the names of the letters first, he would read the word "cab" as "See, A, Bee". Here we can see that the knowledge of letter names is not useful for learning to read. … [Read more...]