Our Simple Homeschool Day Schedule

Some seasons of homeschooling call for a detailed schedule while others run better with a loose routine. This year my family needed a simple schedule that could keep us on track but provide some flexibility as well. Simple Routine with Little Ones When my kids were all young, a simple routine was ideal. We ordered the events of the day but didn't attach a time to each event. That way, we were always on track whether we all got up early or slept in. Our simple routine went something like … [Read more...]

Homeschool Schedule to the Rescue! Sort-of!

About a month ago I revamped our homeschool schedule to better accommodate my 1st grade son and it has been working out great for us. That doesn't mean that we strictly follow it though. I can't schedule in oversleeping after a long night with a sick child or dealing with water damage in my kitchen. Nor can I schedule in time to deal with a 2 year old's tantrum or the extra work of washing dishes because my dishwasher is broken. Yip! that has been my week and the week isn't even over yet! … [Read more...]

Large Family Homeschool Schedule

How does a mom of many teach all her kids all those subjects while juggling a toddler? With a good schedule! At least, that's how I manage! There were several things I had to consider when creating our current schedule. Making sure someone was playing with the toddler at all times. (He can get into trouble fast!) Having older children do review work with younger siblings. (That leaves me more time to focus on teaching new concepts.) Finding ways to incorporate several (or all) of the … [Read more...]