Five Reasons to Attend a Homeschool Convention

5 Reasons to Attend a Homeschool Convention

As each school year comes to an end I always look forward to attending our local homeschool convention.  I have gained so much encouragement and fresh insight to motivate me and get me ready for another year of homeschooling.

Perhaps some of you are wondering what benefit a homeschool convention has to offer you. Well, you don’t have to wonder any more! Here are five reasons why you should attend a homeschool convention.

Renewed Vision

You will gain a renewed vision for why you homeschool that can carry you through even the toughest homeschooling years. So often we can get discouraged with homeschooling because we forget the bigger picture or perhaps we never really had a vision for homeschooling to begin with. Homeschool conventions provide an opportunity to renew your vision or establish one for the first time.

You Will be Encouraged

If you are weary, tired and ready to give up on homeschooling then a  homeschool convention might be the place that God uses to encourage and refresh you for another year. Not only will you be encouraged by the speakers but by fellow homeschooling moms who are attending the convention as well. Come listen and fellowship and be encouraged!

New Ideas and Practical Tips

Attending speaker sessions and vendor workshops can offer the frazzled mom some practical tips and suggestions for making the next year of homeschooling go a little smoother. Maybe you need some new ideas for homeschooling or some practical suggestions on how to manage it all a little better. A homeschool convention is a great place to gain new ideas and practical help in the areas you may be struggling in this year.

The Vendor Hall

The vendor hall is full of curriculum to browse and purchase. Nothing beats being able to pick up and look through the curriculum you are interested in using before you purchase it. You can also talk with the vendors about their products. Are you confused about how a particular program works? Ask away! That is why the vendors are there!

Seasoned Moms Can Offer Encouragement

For those of you more experienced homeschool moms who don’t really need more encouragement or practical help, perhaps attending a homeschool convention is a way for you to encourage moms who do need some guidance. Maybe you could ask a friend who is interested in homeschooling or one who is just starting out, to join you this year at a convention. I’m sure they would enjoy your company and wisdom as they navigate the vendor hall and the different speaker sessions.

Homeschool conventions are a great place for us weary homeschool moms to be encouraged and refreshed for another year of homeschooling. I hope you’ll be able to attend one in your area.


  1. We just attended our homeschool convention last week 🙂 It’s my favourite time of the year! I always come home so encouraged and refreshed! We are the only homeschool family in our community, so the chance to hang out with other homeschoolers, (people who don’t think I’m crazy for homeschooling!) is very welcome!

    • Yes! I am always worn out by the end of the year so homeschool conventions really get me energized and excited for another year! And I love visiting with other homeschool families…. makes me feel “normal” for a few days.

  2. I’m excited to go to a homeschool conference and make it a family event. hopefully next year. It’s in a beautiful part of the state also. It will also help my kids realize they are not alone! I sometimes think they think I am nuts lol. Great list!

  3. Every year since I first began homeschooling (8 years ago), I have said that I really should attend a homeschool convention but have yet to do so. I think what keeps me from going is the cost to attend. I have heard many, like you, say that it helps to renew/encourage them. Maybe one day I will attend one… 🙂

    • Clara,
      Homeschool conventions can be pricey! I am grateful that our local homeschool convention is under $40 for the entire family (both spouses and kids) PLUS grandparents can attend for FREE! And since it is local we don’t have to pay for a hotel. But I am attending another one farther away this year and the price is going to add up with the cost of the convention plus hotel…. but for me it is worth it b/c I really need the encouragement at the end of each year.

  4. Love this. I wish this was in Canada. Or if it is where it was so I could attend.
    I popped in from Angie’s and Kris’s link to say HI!

    • Hi Sherri! I don’t know anything about homeschooling in Canada but I’d think there would be a homeschool convention somewhere in Canada. Thanks for stopping by and saying “hi”!

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