Two Quick Tips for Homeschool Newbies

2 Quick Tips for homeschool newbies

Are you new to homeschooling? If so, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed! I know how daunting homeschooling can seem when you are just starting out. Here are two tips that can help you get off on the right track as you start your homeschooling journey.

1. Commit to two full years of homeschooling.

Most families find that the first year is full of challenges as the entire family adjusts to homeschooling. When you commit to home education for two years you can take the challenges of the first year and turn them around into successes in the years to come! Look back at the first year and make a note of what did work for your family and keep on doing those things! Then make a list of the challenges that you faced and look for ways to improve in those areas. Pray that the Lord would show you how to overcome the hurdles you faced in the first year. Ask other homeschool moms for advice. Attend a homeschool convention to gain insight from homeschool veterans. Don’t give up on homeschooling after the first year. Give it a second year and see if things start getting a little easier!

2. Prayerfully consider what your goals are for your kids and then choose curriculum and activities based on whether they will aid in accomplishing those goals.

Homeschoolers have a wide range of curriculum and activities to choose from. We can often fill up our bookshelves with curriculum and our days with activities that actually hinder us from accomplishing the goals we have for our children and our families. Take some time to consider what your goals are for your kids. Then when it comes time to choose curriculum or sign up for an activity ask yourself if it helps or hinders you in meeting those goals. There are a lot of great opportunities out there for homeschoolers but not every opportunity is going to be a benefit or a blessing to your family. Keep your eye on the goals you have set for your family and know that it is okay to say “no” to things, even good things!

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