WISE Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheets {Review}

WISE Guide Worksheet review

My absolute favorite phonics, spelling and reading curriculum is Spell to Write and Read and using this curriculum just got easier with the creation of the WISE Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheets books! (Check them out here.)Elizabeth FitzGerald, homeschool mom and SWR trainer, has created worksheets to go with the enrichment activities in the WISE Guide (the spelling list portion of the Spell to Write and Read curriculum).

The worksheets make the enrichment activities simple and fun for the students while eliminating a lot of stress and work for the teacher or parent. There are two different books. One covers spelling lists A-M and the other covers spelling lists N-Z. The book itself is actually the teachers manual that includes a CD with the student worksheets. This makes it quick and easy to print out student worksheets on your home printer instead of having to go to a copy store to make copies.

In the past I rarely got around to doing the enrichment activities listed in the WISE Guide. Now that I have the WISE Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheets book, I am able to incorporate these important activities into our weekly spelling lessons. One of the benefits of the worksheets is the ease at which grammar is now being combined with spelling. My kids are retaining so much more spelling and grammar now that they are combined.

What Does the WISE Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheets Include?

  • For each spelling list there are several worksheets filled with enrichment activities from the WISE Guide.
  • There are worksheets to use with any list that you are on such as a phonogram quiz sheet, write and draw handout, silent final E’s worksheet, Bingo board and more!
  • The table of contents is set up for efficiency and convenience. Not only does it list the name of the worksheet with the page number, but it also includes corresponding page numbers for where to find more information on the activity in SWR or the WISE Guide. Plus, the table of contents includes a helpful key to assist you in determining which category the activity fits into such as art, Bible, grammar, literature and so on.
  • Each worksheet includes useful information for the teacher and the student.
  • Helpful tips on how to use the worksheets and how to schedule the activities into your SWR lesson plans is included in the books.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • This workbook does not take the place of the Wise Guide. It should be used as a supplement that aids the teacher in implementing the enrichment activities listed in the Wise Guide.
  • Each list has several enrichment worksheets to choose from. A student does not need to do them all.
  • These worksheets are meant for “guided learning”, not necessarily “independent work”. The teacher should be close by to assist the student and immediately correct errors.

The WISE Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheets books are an excellent addition to the SWR program! You can learn more about them and view sample pages on the SWR training website.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this workbook for review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I’ve never heard of the Wise guide. Where would I find that resource? I’m new to homeschooling. My daughter is in kindergarten now, but reading fairly challenging books, up to 530 lexile sometimes. Is this something that would be good for her in first grade? The supplements sound great, but what do they go with? Thank you.

  2. Stacy Keely says:

    So is this new Wise Guide a better version of the Wise Grammar pages? I am debating whether to buy or not because I have Wise Grammar but was not completely thrilled with it. I hope so because they were basic and only went up to list O, if I remember correctly. I have one finishing the program in 10th grade and a 3 year old I have just started introducing this too.

    • Hi Stacy,
      Great question. I can see your confusion with the similar names of Wise Grammar and the Wise Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheets. They are not the same thing though. As you have probably noticed, at the bottom of every spelling list in the Wise Guide, there are spelling enrichment activities. The product that I was reviewing in this posts has worksheets for all of those activities. Some of the activities are grammar related but others are not. All the activities are meant to reinforce the spelling words for that week along with rules.

      I would suggest that a more formal grammar program (unrelated to SWR) be used in 3rd or 4th grade and above such as Fix It! Grammar or Winston Grammar. I hope that clarifies things for you.

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